LinkSysVelop Ac1300 vs. Google Mesh Wi-Fi Router

LinkSysVelop Ac1300 vs. Google Mesh Wi-Fi Router

Our global computer network system has increased to a level where it forces the inhabitants of the world to enjoy unlimited services through Wi-fi. The popularity of Wi-fi routers is on the cards as everyone tends to look for a fast or a router which has a very high speed as well as which can have a coverage desired by everyone.

Mesh Wi-Fi or Whole Home Wi-Fi frameworks is made up of the main router that connects directly to the modem. Not only that but it also has a progression of satellite modules or hubs put around your place of dwelling in order to leverage the full Wi-Fi coverage. A full list of best wifi routers and wifi routers buying guide can be viewed here. But there are two very popular routers which are likes by many: Linksys Velop Ac1300 and Google Mesh Wi-fi Router.

Here, you will get a few significant aspects of these two routers in the points that you can find below,


The analysis of design for both the routers is merely the opposite. Linksys VelopACis in the form of a rectangular case which is tall and has a white matte finishing whereas Google Wi-fi is quite smaller in size with a cylinder shape and the white finishing give it a glossy look. Even Google Wi-fi is supported with LED light which makes it a better design.


 Linksys Velop Ac 1300 is the newest mesh wi-fi system which was launched a few months ago. It consists of tri-band extender kit with an additional support. The processor supported by it is Quad-core Qualcomm IPQ4018 processor which is measured at 710 MHz. However, Google Mesh WifiRouter supports ARM quad-core processor IPQ4019 running at 710 MHz. It is the main difference between the two while comparing the processors.

 Transfer Data Rate

Google Wi-fi can transfer the data at 300 Mbps while using the radio bandwidth of 2.4 GHz and maximum data transfer rate of 870 Mbps with 5GHz radio. On the other hand, Linksys VelopAC1300 has the capacity to transfer data at the rate of 400 Mbps while using 2.4 GHz radio and with 5GHz it can transfer up to the rate of 867 Mbps.

Both of them are almost the same with the transfer rate but Linksys Velopwi-fi router has an advantage in this aspect of having additional radio band of 5GHz.


 Linksys Velop is blessed with extraordinary six antennas which the peak performance of 527 Mbps. However, Google router at five feet gives about 465 Mbps of peak performance. Each of them is having 512 GB of RAM. Linksys Velop handles the backhaul traffic better in comparison to Google Wi-Fi.  Also, Google wi-fi supports 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports available per Wi-Fi point (WAN and LAN).

It is not easy to make a choice for the best wifi router as almost all of them support the same features. One has to make choice based on performance. The coverage area supported by the routers must also be noted. So, make the best choice.

Author Bio: Brian Nash is a graduate is Computer Systems Engineering. He is a technology enthusiast and also a blogger. He writes at Consumer’s Verdict. Besides this, he is a passionate gamer and spends some weekend time in playing games.