Know the Art of ‘How to Connect with Customers’ as a Start-Up

Know the Art of ‘How to Connect with Customers’ as a Start-Up


Running a start-up is not a rocket science but it is also not uncomplicated. Everything is so much depended on you as if you are the only sailor on a large ship. Stormy winds, unpredictable waves, all work to keep the ship shaking. It is difficult to maintain the balance and reach to the destination safely. It is hard to survive as industry giants have already grabbed a big share of the market. But how did they do that? Of course, with a good hold on the customers. If they are with you, nothing in the business world can defeat your start-up. It is best to give a COMPLETE focus to your niche and try to connect with them. This can’t be done in one night. There should be an organised approach and there are some ways that can help you connect with your customers well.

Know Your Customer Is Old, Latest is FEEL Your Customer

You should actually feel what exactly people want or expect from the product you deal in. Whether it is the price that annoys them, or the durability that they yearn for. Purpose of the product is very important. Do some study in the related industry, find out about the latest research and survey reports on the internet. Know, where the flow goes and what exactly is the intention of the customers. Try to relate with their feelings. If your business is in textiles, know about the latest needs and trend. Also, keep an eye on the home decor trends. What makes them feel happy and what brings them the joy.

Create Marketing Strategy that is Focussed on Customers and Not Your Brand

People do not buy anything because it is available in the market. They buy it because it is of use for them. Your existence relies on their demands. It is necessary that to communicate your idea in a best possible way. Marketing and promotion are the tools to send the word to the public. Make sure your focus on the customers and not on your brand. If they get what they want, then profit is the only thing to show in your business. Never exaggerate on the brand, point out the features that make the product worth to use. Mention the aspects that are better than the others (no need to mention competitors). Never forget to work on the price factor.

Use Personalised Approach with Technology

Technology has all the reasons to enter and stay in the routine life. The humans now cannot live without it. Every industry is working faster than ever on the deployment of latest advancements of technology. From a direct lender of short-term 6 month loans to an automobile company, owner no one can deny the dependence on technology. IOT, Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, automation and machine learning are some of the emerging technologies. Use it to connect with your customers. Give them immediate response; ask them to give feedback, more you communicate, more confidence your niche gains on your brand. Implement their expectations in the product.


Go deep and create an attachment with the customers and then say connected. Use the available resources maximum to achieve customer satisfaction. Stay in the picture through promotions, marketing and low-budget advertisements. Remember, goodwill is more important than the commercial profits. Achieve the previous one and the later one will come naturally.