Key Queries to Ask The Best SEO Company Before You Hire Them

Key Queries to Ask The Best SEO Company Before You Hire Them


You will always want your business to grow more and more, and you do all the needful things to make it happen. With massive population explode over the web, SEO has become mandatory to keep your website up in the rat race. As if you do not get a search engine ranking, all your effort behind your website may go futile and your brand stays unnoticed.

So it is always beneficial to hire an SEO agency for your website, however, there are loads of SEO providers available in the market. To make sure you are getting the best service in the industry you need to make sure you ask the correct question before you hire them.

So let’s have a look at the key queries to ask The best SEO company before you hire them, to make the most out of your website.

How Long They Are in The Business?

Experience matters in every field of job. And in the world of internet, you need a lot of experience to sustain and make your clients business fruitful. Always ask your best SEO company about how long they have been in the business. Google changes its algorithm and criteria of how a website will rank in the search engine almost every day.

So if you want your website to rank, it is always wise to hire someone who has at least more than 5 years of experience in the SEO field. However, there are many companies who are new and also understand the game well, in that case, consider yourself lucky.

Does Their Website Rank In Google?

If they are the best SEO company in the market, they should be ranking in the Google search engine. Ask them whether their website rank with the most searched Keyword in their industry.

If they can not make themselves ranked, how they are going to get you ranked anyway? So if they do not rank and still saying they can pull your ranking on the top, they must be bluffing. The company who can not make itself ranked, cannot make your website ranked in any possible way.

How Do Their Customers View The Quality Of Their Services?

It is very natural for any company to boast about themselves. They will anyway tell you all the good stuff regarding them and also they will give you enough reasons to give them the job.

But the best way to know about their quality of work is reading their reviews online, from the clients they have already worked with. The Best SEO company will anyway get good reviews and comments on their website. And if they do so, you can rely on the company pretty much.

Do They Make Any Promises On Ranking Guarantees?

Ask them how long it will take them to get you ranked, and do they guarantee and promise that your page will rank on Google within a given time period. If they say yes, they are again bluffing.

It is simply not possible for any company to guarantee you rankings, as Google’s algorithm is very complex and their criteria change almost daily basis to rank on their search engine, it is impossible for anyone to guarantee you that your website will rank within a given period of time.

However, if they maintain the honesty and commit you that it will get ranked as soon as all the contents and techniques are implemented with time, you can rely on them.

The authentic SEO company will never guarantee you ranking within a time period, they can only provide a guarantee of analyzing your company strategies and give them the best ranking possible as soon as possible.

What Is Their Core SEO Strategy?

If any company claims they have a magic formula to get your company ranked, they are lying again. Google algorithm is a very complex thing and the only way to sustain in the first page of search results is through continuous studies of Google analytics reports and also Google console’s data.

This two tools from Google can give you enough hints about how to rank on their search engine with the proper Keywords of your field.

What Is The Inbound Link Building Strategy?

There are many companies which perform unethical backlink stuffing in your website’s content to get your website ranked. So you should definitely ask about their Inbound backlink building strategy, and make sure everything is performed ethically.

If Google finds out any glitch or illegal activities on your website, your website may get no traffic at all which may cause you huge trouble.

Make sure you ask all these questions to your best SEO company before you hire them to get a premium experience of making your website ranking on top.