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Keep An Eye On What Your Child Has Been Typing


In this age of cyber-crimes and online harassment, parents must be aware of the interests and preferences of their children. Most of the friendships and relationships are started online now. Which makes it even more crucial to control them and restrict them. BlurSPYmobile spying app has a great solution to this problem.

BlurSPY tracking app keylogger is a distinct feature which gives you all the details of what your target person has been typing on the keypad of their device.

Keylogger saves this information in the form of gifs and uploads to your account. You can save them and watch later when it is feasible for you.

How is keylogger helpful for you?

BlurSPY spy app along with many other tracking features can now detect the activity of keyboard also.

  • It saves all the keys that the target person strikes
  • Even if the device is far away from you, keylogger works competently
  • You can check saved key log data whenever you want

If you are tracking the devices being used in your office, keylogging can be of great help. Even if you don’t record the screens all the time, you can still get to know what your associates are doing with the data.

You may face problems in saving and watching the screen recordings, but key logs are kept in the form of small gifs and more comfortable to watch.

Why should you choose BlurSPY Key Logger App?

  • Employees can be careless or can try to manipulate your business by joining hands with your business rivals. In this suspicious situation, it is essential for you to keep a record of their doings and protect your business record and data as much as you can.
  • Your children may have been commenting carelessly, somewhere potentially harmful for them. To protect them from traps BlurSPYkeylogger keeps a keen eye on their keyboard and their navigation through their device. Social media is full of many dangerous and harmful sites for your children who urges them to comment and fight in the comment section. This can lead to your child being bullied, or he may be bullying someone else. All these cases can be of significant harm to your child.
  • These days depression and pessimism by feeling cyberbullying can upset your children to dangerous extents. And avoiding them from these things is only possible if you know what they are going through.
  • Sometimes your target person may be saving things in an app whose screen cannot be recorded. For example, if your employee is saving secret data in his notes or memos, screen recording does not cover them, but keylogger resolves this issue by saving his navigation through the computer system. He might be trying to sell data or signing a deal personally with your business competitor.

BlurSPY android spy app is an excellent addition in this regard which helps you instantly. You can figure out the exact patterns your target person is following. This kind of situations can be tracked efficiently with BlurSPYkeylogger!


Mia Sophia is a Writer and Marketing Expert. Mostly she writes about cell phone spy app reviews, kid’s security protection, and some digital mom’s related stuff about the dangers our children face every day on the internet.