If you will keep on regular blogging with similar topics and similar content already published on millions and millions of blogging sites then have you ever thought what is going to happen? If you just keep on blindly writing on the blogs without being sure about what and how to write, how can make the topic interesting, engaging and exciting for the readers, then you are not the one whose blogs people will love to read.

You are among the sea of competitors who generate fresh content every 5 seconds. And their wise tactic of selecting the interesting topics or making boring topics more engrossing is a key to their SEO and content marketing success. So you have to do some homework before selecting the blog topic.

Today we will share those killer content ideas that led to many successful foundations to rule the content and SEO world.

First of all, in spite of writing on the same topic again n again, try to think out of the box today to leverage your SEO content strategy as we do. Go for those blog topics that are performing best in your niche. After that comes the strategic approach of organizing a site’s content around various topics and its subtopics. This can only happen if you choose the right topic clusters that are trending, eye-catching and fun to read.

Yes! You have heard right there should be some fun element in your content idea to give a reader a break of a smile and that smile will urge him to be on your post for some time. And who knows this way the reader goes through your website and increase session duration and become your valued client.

A few years back, there were fragmented queries searched on the internet , but searchers have become wise now, so you need to be too. They always expect accurate and timely results. Finally, after the search engine algorithm understand the topical context behind the search intent, and display the web pages that give the best answer to their query.

Now the question arises why the visitor will click on your web page? Is it because you are their favorite or is it because they know you personally??? Noooo…. It’s the blog topic that gets visitor’s attention, while meta description and brand name are secondary things noticed by the searchers. Therefore, you should encapsulate your topic in a few  words, phrases, adjectives or adverbs.

Let’s discuss how to create retail topic clusters in detail.

Recognize Target Customers

Your business niche might already have customer personas and a series of customer profiles. If you are a start-up, then you have to identify your targeted audience, search for their demographics, how old are they, what should be their age, what should be their employment status, what are their interests and last but not the least identify how they came to know about your business service and products.

You may find an answer that it is the SEO optimized content that bought the visitors on your business website or it might be the SEO strategy that ranked your blog on top SERPs. Well, there are various forms of reaching that targeted audience. Either you can choose a survey of customers, hold a  focus group or simply conduct one-to-one interviews with your regular best customers.

Let’s roll into the example of these types of identification of potential customers.

After an interview with one of those clients, you’ve identified the research history of them. Let’s say you’ve asked him how you come to know about our business and the customer says “I own import and export business. I was looking for a company that can market my business to prospects and gets lead generation. I typed in Boston SEO agency on Google for the best SEO agency that have proven work of digital marketing services.

There I found your company that was on the top, so I contacted you and now I’m a satisfied client sitting here in front of you.” While other customer says “ I run a small casino business in Cape Cod, and recently shift into a new house. I wanted some home interior and exterior designers to give a new look to my home in less budget. I typed in the same on Google and found some best home improvement firms.

After some time filtered out some best one service providers with huge list of reviews and customers. Well, after availing of their service, I looked for the company that ranked them on top and giving the customers. From there I found your digital marketing agency and interested to discuss in detail now”.

So there are no limitations to getting valued customers until you set the limits. Obviously, you can’t be a jack of all trades, there must be something that sets you apart from your competitors. That might be your content ideas for blogs, content marketing for SEO and strong SEO strategies. Follow them and stay above the curve from today.

List the Cluster of Customer Requirements

You need to prepare the list of customers who are looking for the same services that you’re providing. And also consider their wants and don’ts to find out the things that are important to your targeted audience. Returning back to the let’s say customer above, we have brainstormed a shortlist of ideas

  • How to find Best digital marketing agency in your area
  • Best Home Improvement Ideas
  • Home renovation or kitchen renovation
  • Casino business marketing
  • Content marketing by digital marketing agency

Organize into Broad Topics

Now you have a portion of the list that your customers were searching for. It’s time to organize the list and use them into your potential topics. Apply a similar organizational exercise and think about the topic ideas from list of personas needs.

With the help of keyword research, validate your proposed topics. This doesn’t mean that you always put your topic idea on SEMrush, Ahrefs, Buzzsumo or on Google simply. It is advised to have a better understanding of topic and subtopics are well integrated together and attract and retain the customers on your business.