Is Your Outlook Message is Read or Not- Check Here

Is Your Outlook Message is Read or Not- Check Here

Outlook doesn’t notify the sender that the mail is received or not unless the receiver replies to it. This raises the question ‘how can you tell if an email has been read in Outlook’. Well, there is no automatic way to get such information. But if the sender adds and request read receipts, then he/ she gets notifies. This lets the sender to know that the message has been read.

It is an important aspect, as users get notified about the message information even if the receiver does not reply. The sender gets read recipient whenever the user reads the message. Outlook sends message that the e-mail was read on this date and this time. You can now tell the message is read or not and know about Outlook reports

How to set the Read Recipient Request in Outlook

To know receiver had read the mail follow the below-given steps

  • Open Outlook in your system
  • Now click on New mail and the message windows will appear
  • Write the message in e-mail body
  • Go to Options and checkmark the option ‘Request a Read Receipt’
  • The message will be sent and delivered to the receiver
  • When the recipient double click on the message to read it
  • A dialog box will prompt for ‘XYZ requested a read receipt to be sent when message ‘Check email was read’ Do you want to send receipt’
  • If the user click Yes, then you will receive Outlook message with subject ‘Check Email was Read’ as the message was read on MM/DD/YYYY at this hour: minute

So, in this way you can check that the e-mail was sent, delivered and read by the receiver. In most of the situations it happened that e-mail is the only meant for communication like in Office and it becomes extremely important to know that the recipient to read the mails on time and get it notified. For this purpose first mark the message as of high importance and then set the request to get read receipt from receiver whenever it is sent.