Smartphone users have been increased due to its various advantages. Most people enjoy using Smartphone due to their interesting applications. There are different kinds of applications available in the play store to entertain the users. The UC mini is one of the browser applications that are available in the google play store. This application supports the android, IOS and windows users. The UC browser for computer users is much helpful as it does not take more power. Thus the millions of people started using the UC browser. This is the free application available in the play store.

Why is this UC browser popular worldwide?

This browser is available in the play store which helps the user to search for the contents, videos. It also helps to open the new websites and also this browser functions very fast. Even though this browser occupies the less space it can provide the best results while searching. The application has a video downloading feature that enables the people to download the videos from Facebook. The browser is very much convenient for mobile users. The browser allows the user to access the picture and the media files without any disturbance. Even if the internet connection is slow this browser application can perform well.

UC browser

What are the factors that make this browser to be unique?

  • The browser provides the video downloading features from Facebook.
  • The size of the browser is much less so it does not affect other applications in your device.
  • The browser enables the user to search faster and consumes fewer data.
  • The search bar in the browser provides unique and related results.
  • Incognito browsing helps the user to search the content safely without any leak of privacy details.
  • It also allows the online transaction safely and securely.
  • The browser has a special feature which is the night mode. This feature enables the user to read the content and view the videos without any eye irritation.
  • The browser also blocks the ads while searching for related contents or videos. The ad blocker enables the user to block the ads that pop up in the middle of browsing.
  • The user can also find the QR code, my videos, save the page, etc.
  • The browser does not consume more internet data so the users can browse it without any limit.
  • The download manager in this browser works very much fast that helps the user to download the bulk files.
  • The downloading of files can be stopped, started or paused according to the wish of the user.
  • The download manager checks the files that are downloaded and removes unwanted files.
  • The files can be downloaded with this browser either directly in the SD card or in the internal storage.
  • The UI of this browser is almost similar to the google chrome and does not carry any malware.

Why this browser is not good?

  • This browser is not safe to do online transactions.
  • The browser takes personal login information both in social media and also online banking.
  • The app block feature is not working properly in this browser.