Instagram Metrics that Should Be Tracked for Measuring Performance

instagram metrics

Tracking your Instagram metrics is significant for growing your account in a positive manner. Instagram is known to have almost 1 billion users, who are active on a regular basis. Instagram is undoubtedly a fast-growing platform and brands are using it for their own advantages. Whether you are interested in evaluating the account of an influencer or you want to track the analytics of your profile, there are certain metrics that you have to consider in order to ensure that you are moving forward successfully.

Given below is a list of the Instagram metrics, that you cannot miss tracking.

The growth rate of the followers

The high follower counts can be responsible for boosting the ego as well as help in adding credibility to your brand, but it is not responsible for saying anything about the marketing campaigns and how they are performing. The growth rate of the followers is responsible for giving a clear idea regarding the business and also helps you to catch the attention of other people. In simpler words, the manner in which the follower count is changing is perhaps more important in comparison to the total number of followers, when you are evaluating the performance of Instagram.

Engagement per follower

You have to understand that almost 70% of the posts on Instagram do not get seen at all. Even if you have numerous followers, it is not going to drive new business, especially if the followers do not see as well as engage with the posts. With the updated algorithm of Instagram, engagement is considered to be the most significant in order to ensure that your posts are being seen. Tracking the engagement rate per follower will help you to monitor the interest of the audience. Apart from that, this metric is going to be significant if you are interested in evaluating the partnership with a particular influencer.

Website traffic

Like the other channels on social media, Instagram is also one of the powerful drivers of traffic to the business website. It is true that Instagram has numerous limitations but the ability to add links in the Instagram Stories will help you to attract more traffic to your website. You will be able to track the source of website traffic in Google Analytics.

Link Clicks

Now that you have knowledge about the total traffic Instagram is driving, it is important to know about the stories and updates, which are clicked. You have the option of taking the Instagram Analytics to another level when you are creating URLs with the UTM parameters, which are going to inform you as to where your visitor is coming from.

Comments for every post

When a person is leaving a comment, it is basically going to prove that that particular person is interested in your brand. Therefore, it is your responsibility to track this metric and notice if it is going up or moving down. You can use Like4Like within the captions in order to ensure that you are getting more likes on your posts.


Instagram is undoubtedly an amazing place for marketing your business. If you are interested in making Instagram marketing both fun as well as profitable, ensure that you are tracking the metrics on a regular basis.

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