Future Of Hotels

Innovations That Are Defining The Future Of Hotels


How are hotels innovating? What is your proposal to attract more customers? The sector of the hotel industry has been forced to reinvent itself in order to provide the guest with something more than a pleasant stay.

Different hotel chains worldwide are revolutionizing the experience that tourists are having by offering them the possibility of forgetting the keys, staying in smart rooms, going into unimagined spaces to escape routine, among other trends that are redefining the course of the hotel industry.

Below iPad Rental share some innovations that promise to expand and consolidate in the sector.

Mobile Reservations

A Company specializing in providing market information and business management to the hotel industry, 65% of the reservations that hotels receive for customers seeking to stay that same day, come from a smartphone. Different hotel chains are developing mobile applications that allow users to make reservations for the same day of the stay.

Hotel & Resorts, for example, has an application that offers the possibility of virtually browsing the different rooms available, getting to know hotel news and promotions and even communicating directly with customer service to resolve any concerns.

Another bet on the same path is that of Hotels & Resorts, which allows you to virtually explore the hotel, make reservations and even know the transportation options available in the city before you have arrived. 

Although web pages are still an effective way for users to make their reservations, mobile applications are taking an important place in the sector, since they give the possibility to chains to increase the number of guests and allow customers and prospects access information from wherever they are.

However, as the mobile offer expands and consolidates, the fight is probably not only to offer reservation systems but also and especially in the creation of content that allows the user to virtually get the experience offered by each hotel.

Payment through social networks

Social networks are no longer just a simple communication channel. Recently, it became known that Twitter would launch a program called Twitter Commerce, which will include a payment button within the tweets. This new bet will surely open a new offer of similar possibilities in other networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, which have a high potential as e-commerce platforms.

Under this perspective, the hotel sector has before its feet a unique opportunity to convert its followers into guests in a much more agile way.

The first chain of hotels and resorts to allow their customers to make reservations only using the social network. Those who wanted to book a room only had to post a tweet with the application, using the hashtag. Once the application was published, the manager redirected the user to a private conversation to request personal information and agree on the payment method.

The hotel, an excuse to share

The use of social networks is not limited to payments and reservations. Many hotels have also begun to integrate into their facilities elements that encourage their guests to publish content related to the stay.

Tablets inside the rooms

Some hotels are giving tourists the possibility to control their stay through electronic devices such as the iPad hire. Through this technology, guests can control the entire environment of their room: adjust the intensity of the lights, turn on the heating, set the alarm clock and handle the curtains, without getting out of bed or without having to guess which switch is the one indicated for each action.

One of the hotels that provide iPad to its guests, which gives its users an iPad, where they can surf the Internet, make reservations at restaurants in the area, order room service and control the atmosphere of the room.

Another case is the Marlin Hotel in Miami, which personalizes the content of the electronic devices that it gives to its users, according to information that the guest has given at the time of booking.

The iPad that each guest receives has movies, music, and games that are of interest to tourists, so that when they check-in they will find an electronic device that provides them with fun and entertainment made to measure.

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