In-Mould Labels

Industry Verticals Using Packaging Films


Polyester films are produced using the oil substances that are key constituents of polyesters. They find a large number of applications in countless businesses inferable from their innate attributes and points of interest. The ventures that significantly use them are hardware industry and the packaging business. Packaging industry happens to be the real client of these high quality films. Because of their different properties such as alluring appearance, solid oxygen hindrance, splendid printing and fixing capacities and mechanism, they are the most preferred films for the items of food packaging.

Before going into more details about metallized version of polyester films, let us understand minutely what metallized films are all about in general. Metallized films simply are the films which are metallized on one side and sealable on other side. They are popularly called lap sealable film too.

These films are made of a comprehensive variety of high quality metals such as aluminium, chromium and a unique blend of nickel and chromium. They find their main applications in the packaging of food, beauty and pharmaceuticals industries. They are also utilized to create different types of wraps including foils, scarps and sheets. The two main kinds of metallized packaging films include metallized polyester films and metallized polypropylene films.

Some more prominent applications include the following-

  • Aluminium foil in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Aluminum foil for building insulation and sound insulation
  • Aluminum foil for industrial applications
  • Food packaging with Aluminium foil
  • Be it pharmaceutical, food packaging or insulation industry, these films find their applications in all the verticals. In the past one decade, these films have started finding applications in the field of insulation also.  
      1. These films are unique in many ways as they offer the following to the users-
    • Freedom of branding and placing all the necessary information on the package
    • The products packaged in these films complete their journey without any loss on quality and safety.
    • Being extremely flexible, these films offer the products ability to be very well adjusted to the jerks and jolts when in the box in the packed state.
    • Any kind of printing, graphics or advertising material can be very easily made visible on the cover of the product.
  • Being very lightweight and efficiently able to combat any kind of weather conditions, these films play a great role in the preservation of a large number of food and medicinal items.

Keeping in view the profuse demand of in-mold label and various other films, there are companies in India that manufacturer and supply high quality packaging films to their national and global clientele. These companies also have outstanding capabilities of producing fully customised films as per your needs and requirements.

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