Important factors to consider before Publish an App to App store

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Every development company invests money in building their dream application. But the success of the application is never guaranteed. No one can estimate what the final outcome may be, it’s all totally uncertain. Investing not only on developing the application but also on taking your application closer to the customer is equally important. Even a successful application with zero reaches may be an utter failure. To increase the number of your users and to reach your desired popularity for the application there are certain factors to be considered.

Although the success is never guaranteed, it is highly important that you take the steps in the direction of the success. Trust me; these factors are going to give a better reach for your application. Consider all the factors that are going to be discussed and make sure you follow the possible ones. So, let’s dive in to know more about the factors.

  1. Find your competitors

The most important thing that you must undergo is finding your competition. You will know your value when you look at them. The competitor is your mirror image. Find about their product and their origin. Compare your application with their product; you will be able to come up with a better version of yourself. The Dos and Don’ts will be picture clear to you. Then it’s time to answer some questions.

What is the price tag of your competitor’s product? How much do you charge? In what way your application is better from your competitor’s one? Is your customer’s 100% satisfied with your application? Once you answer all these questions you will gain confidence in your product.

  1. Create our own Pricing Strategy

Pricing is one of the leading factors that determine your client numbers. According to a survey, the applications with ‘Free’ and ‘Freemium’ have achieved greater success when compared to the ‘Paid’ applications. When you are confident about your application, that it tempts your clients to pay and use ‘Freemium’ is the best choice.

According to a survey conducted in Germany, USA and UK ‘Free’ and ‘Freemium’ applications were downloaded 60% and only 40% to ‘Paid’ applications. Surprisingly the percentage was the same at all the three countries of the survey. If your organization in serious need of money then chooses ‘Paid’ type of application. But make sure that your application is up to the standards; because when money comes into the play, expectations will grow higher and higher.

  1. Marketing Matters

Similar to the application development, marketing the product is also important. Using aesthetic and branded visuals attracts an audience in a better number according to a survey. Choose the right digital marketing team to take you a step closer to the users.

Use high-resolution screenshots and pictures. Posting videos can also add up to the number. It’s all about connecting more with the people. Create bright contents, post it on social media. Make compelling visuals that let people talk.

  1. Optimization is the key

Your application must be optimized such that it gets the top rank at App store when people browse. A recent study reveals, almost 60% of the people install the application after browsing over the play store. Hence optimizing your application at the play store is highly significant. The secret for better optimization is the keyword. Place the keyword at the title of your application to get a 10.3% increase in the play store ranking.

But Google has limited the application title to 50 characters. Hence, the alternative way is using the keyword at the description of the application. The four keys for increased optimization are,

  • Using the keyword in the description
  • Utilizing branded visuals for advertisements
  • Number of application downloads
  • Number of positive reviews

Consider these keys to improve your rankings and increase the likelihood of your application being used.

  1. Develop Media Connectivity

It’s not all done after successful completion of application building. Make a connection with the media. Search for the bloggers, writers, and journalist to connect you to people further. Find the right one and make the right move. So, here are some tips on how you can find the right person to take your application to the people.

  • Check out the Google news to find your competitors. In the news and find the reporter who covered it. You may utilize the same reporter to advertise your application.
  • With your competitor’s application image make a picture search to find out the bloggers who wrote about the application. You can contact them to write blogs for you.
  1. Get them talking through your testimonials

Testimonials are highly trusted by the users. Getting a review for your application has several benefits. When people leave positive comments; your application ranking on the App store increases by a great number. You can find the download rate growing in huge number; that is the power of positive testimonials.

  1. Create web presence before launch

Beginning with a site like Launch Rock or creating another similar site from the scratch to promote your product. This website can highly help you in knowing more about your application. People will give a review of your application and communicate the difficulties that they face using the application. Clarify the doubts through the website set before the app launch.

  1. Make a checklist

Have a routine checklist to be ticked every day,

  • Blog comments
  • Blog shares
  • Follow on Twitter
  • Email

Make sure that you post at least one article through all these modes to get a better user number. If you have already launched an application, then use all these factors to improve your customer number or if you are developing your dream application make sure you carry out all these steps to achieve success.