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Importance of Android App Development in Business Development


Whether you are a working professional at any fields or a college goer android is a term known by all. Today’s we are living in the era of smartphones and tablet computers, the play store and its versions are known to all. So from a business expansion point of view it doesn’t leave a question to develop an android app in order to boost the sky high business. So before to target about the different android app Development Company first we have to make sure few things about it and then think how developing an app can boost your business like no one.

What is Android?

Generally when we talk about the smartphones and tablets so that the term of Android comes in mind. In simple words, the Android is an operating system majorly open-sourced, developed and modified by various app development companies to design specifically for smartphones and tablet computers. The first time it was developed as a beta version and then during the year of 2007 and afterwards it has a huge market hit.

Now, what are the unique features to make android app such a “worldwide hit”, here are the key features of it and discussed:

User interface

Being as an android user, you have to know the initial thing that appeal us about androids is their beautiful UIs. The operating systems front screen serves us an intuitive and a bit easy to provide interface.


In nutshell, the android is an open source software as well as developer can make effort to build an app on android to modify the ROM (Read Only Memory). This is a great feature to developing own app as any technical person can use their own specifications according to the needs and desire.


The biggest feature of any mobile device lies in its connectivity or in simple words portability. The Android is a great platform where you can actually provide a various range of connectivity. In easy terms we are well aware that it has different level of connectivity modes like GSM/EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM evolution), CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) or UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication Services), IDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network). Most of the android devices use NFC (Near Field Communications) this actually permit to all electronic devices in short ranges to communicate with each other the Bluetooth connectivity feature as an example. The wireless features of connectivity used by androids include Wi-Fi, LTE, WiMAX etc.

Conclusion – Which company to choose from

Android app development is a diversifying industry with lots of attractive aspects. The best android app development agency will guide you with all features and attributes of different app development process to make strategically placement the aspects of your speculation and then apply optimizing the app.

Now if you are to take initiative from the beginning the first key thing to know is there are two basic android app development approaches we have to target, the first thing is Native android app development where the single specific user experience and guidelines are monitored, and the second one is Hybrid Android App development where we have to applied several different codes for multiple platforms to run.

Before to come on this path, it is so much necessary that you select a dependable Android app development company, such as CMOLDS.

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