How VELCRO® Cable Wraps Save Lives

How VELCRO® Cable Wraps Save Lives

If you’ve never worked at a hardware store, it would probably take you a second to figure out what a cable wrap is or where to find it in the store. Hook-and-loop tape? You know… VELCRO®? Legally it’s not “velcro or Velcro,” as VELCRO® is a brand name patented in 1955 by Swiss engineer George de Mestral. The technical term for the zipperless zipper goes by many names and is used in every industry and has made lives easier since it’s an introduction into the world.

Touch Tape Saves Time For Doctors & Staff

Perhaps you’re not a nurse or doctor running around all day with the most important task of keeping patients alive, comfortable, and healing, but we can all imagine, thanks to dramatized TV shows, how difficult it can be to preform simple tasks in a nervous hurry, such as tying your shoes and if you lose a pen, stop watch, or any instrument you need immediately, it could be a mistake that could have fatal repercussions. That’s why nurses and doctors keep their tools close at hand just like a carpenter who wears a tool belt, doctors need fast ways to keep their supplies organized and easily assessable.

Cable Bundling Solutions For Hospitals

With so many electrical wires running through various machines in a hospital, the tripping hazard and possibilities of a nurse unplugging the wrong cord could be the matter of life and death for some patients. The nerdy secret in the computer tech industries is keeping all those wires secure with labeled tie wraps and adhesive cable straps. There are many ways that hospitals can utilize hook-and-loop cable fasteners to make taking care of patients quick and easy.

Carry Medical Supplies With Cable Carriers

Cable wrap companies make carrying lightweight medical supplies that are rolled, such as sticky medical tape for a simple first aid surgical dressing. Medical tools that have handles, such as a tiny first aid kit can be useful for traveling doctors or even everyday citizens. When you can clip small life-saving supplies to the outside of your backpack or belt-loop with a cable tie you’ll be prepared if your kid gets a boo-boo or a stranger needs a mouth barrier to preform CPR.

Industrial Strength Cable Ties Are The Best

You can find all kinds of cable wraps, with different added accessories for cinching down medical supplies, at your local hardware store. Ask for the cable ties that have grommets, carabiners, and adhesives for all your organizing needs and to keep you on the go with all your medical gear at the ready rely on the fast rip and release of hook-and-loop fasteners.

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