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How Ukrainian Software Developers Helped Me To Develop Complex Software?


I am a procurement specialist and working at a multinational company for the last few years. A few months back, my company decided to build software through which they will maintain communication with the existing clients and will use the software as one source of all operations throughout the world. So, the whole database along with the regular operations through a single software a tough task.

The company build a committee of IT specialist, procurement specialist, marketing executive and software developers to decide everything about the software (obviously, I was in the committee as procurement specialist). Within one month, the committee decided which functionality we are going to include and how will it be operated? Everyone contributed from their own domain to improve the software contents and we have been able to prepare a rough estimate of around $10,000 to properly include everything.

The last part was procurement. To do this big procurement of $10,000 for a single software, I was a bit confused. First, I thought I will go to hire some software developers from the marketplace, that will reduce the cost and will confirm the timely delivery. But marketplaces are full of newbies and there is a potential loss of money. Moreover, I was confused about the quality I will get from the marketplace.

The second option was hiring some local firms here in the USA. The quality will be good but the price will exceed our estimate. So we were in need of good quality as well as optimum cost. I started studying about foreign countries software developers and teams. At last, I decided to hire a team of 5 from Ukraine to complete the job.

I will try to demonstrate why I went for hiring from Ukraine?

1. Top-class quality

By studying the overall statistics of Ukrainian software developers, I found that they are knowledgeable and maintains the quality of their work. The reason they are knowledgeable, the hired team comprises of graduate and Ph. D. degree holder. I am not joking, that’s true.

Moreover, Ukrainian software programmers maintain Top-class quality. That’s the reason, Ukrainian software developers are the first choice of the European buyers and Ukraine became in the list of top IT product export.

2. Cost-effectiveness

The second obvious reason was the cost associated with developing the software. I asked them to quote the price according to our requirements. The team of programmers quoted $7,800 i.e. above two-third of the estimated cost. We were happy to see such a good team are working for such a nice budget.

Within 3 months they completed the development of very complex company software. Later they tested the software for bug and fixed all of them. The team proposed 6 months free maintenance of the software and later $2,500 annually. We accepted the proposal as we found their work to be very useful for us at a low cost and as it is capable of maintaining all of the need.

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