Use WhatsApp As Private Data Storage
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How to Use WhatsApp As Private Data Storage


WhatsApp is the most famous messaging application available for Android, iOS, and Windows Devices. You must be using WhatsApp to for messaging, sharing pictures or even making audio & video calls to stay connects with your family and friends. Many mobile companies now providing WhatsApp as a pre-installed application by default due to their popularity. WhatsApp smoothly stays connected with your Internet or WIFI as soon turn it on.

There is another reason for its popularity as it provides free services and even without any advertisement. Have you thought that your favourite messaging application can also be used as your provide storage where you can store your notes, documents, voice notes, photos in a single place?

Yes, you read it right; you can turn your WhatsApp as a private note. All your files, photos or videos which you want to keep in a single store. You must be thinking that you can store your photos in the Gallery application, files in the File manager, etc., then why do you need WhatsApp.

The answer to your question is straightforward, have you ever find your favourite photo, files, notes in any single folder or location. You have to search for your photos into your Gallery or Photo Album folders, file in other location and likewise.

However, by following the below steps, you can store all your different data in one location using WhatsApp.

Below are detailed steps to get the setup on WhatsApp to convert as private data center:

  1. Launch the WhatsApp application on your mobile and Tap on triple dots to open the menu.
  2. Select the option ‘New Group’ to create a new group and add any virtual phone number or any contact from your group.
  3. Give the name of a group as per your choice.
  4. Once Group successfully created Tap on Group name and Delete the added member while creating the group.
  5. That is all, you completed the setup. Now this group will be as your private data storage center now. You can share Pictures, Audio notes, videos and documents in this group.

Use WhatsApp As Private Data Storage

By following the above simple steps, you convert WhatsApp as data storage. In case you have limited mobile internal memories and you need to store a huge amount of data. Then you can move your all data into memory card via WhatsApp setup. There is no additional process need to move your file from internal memory to external memory card.

To set up the memory location,

Navigate to Phone setting> Application Settings (in some mobile company option is available in Settings> Apps).

Look for WhatsApp application and select it in the Application folder. Now Select option ‘move it to memory card’ and your WhatsApp default memory now utilized memory card memory.

Accessing files from Desktop & Laptop

It is not only accessing the data saved in WhatsApp via a mobile device but you can make available data on your Laptop and Desktop as well. To access the data by desktop, all you need to open the WhatsApp web and link your account. You can link your account by following below easy steps:

  1. Open any browser in your desktop/Laptop and write URL -
  2. The WhatsApp web page will be displayed with a Bar code, which needs to scan via your WhatsApp mobile application.
  3. Go the WhatsApp application in mobile, Tap on triple dots menu and select option ‘WhatsApp Web’
  4. The mobile camera will be automatically opened and scan the bar code displaying on your browser. It will automatically identify your WhatsApp account and open it.

NoteThe mobile should be connected with the Internet while linking the account and accessing the files.

You can also install the Windows application for WhatsApp and link your account by following the above-explained process.

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