How To Use Microsoft Transporter Suite to Convert NSF to PST Without Lotus Notes

Convert NSF to PST

Manually converting NSF files to PST format is easy with Export/ Import method if Lotus Notes application is installed on the system. But if the NSF files or Lotus Notes are not available then it is nearly possible. Only two methods can move Lotus Notes file to Outlook i.e. NSF to PST Converter or Microsoft Transporter Suite. In order to convert files for free Without Lotus Notes than use the Transporter Suite.

There is no requirement of Lotus Notes tool or NSF file, you should have an active account on the application and data will migrate from Server to Outlook. Check out the steps to open NSF files in Outlook without Lotus Notes

Converting Lotus Notes To Outlook with Transporter Suite

Before starting we will require a CSV file to add during the process, so create CSV file by following steps

  • Open MS Excel and make the following entries column wise SourceIdentity, SourceServer, SourceLoginID, SourcePassword, TargetIdentity. Enter the account details corresponding to each entry like
    • SourceIdentity: Source Email ID
    • SourceServer: Server Name
    • SourceLoginID: Username/ Account name
    • SourcePassword: Account Password
    • TargetIdentity: E-mail Address in Outlook
  • Now, save the file in CSV format at a specific location.

Working with Microsoft Transporter Suite

  • Start the Transporter Suite and select ‘Transporter for Internet Mail’ to install
  • Now launch MS Transporter Suite for Internet Mail and click on Add mailbox button
  • Click on the browse button and add the CSV file created then click on Import
  • The NSF files will be imported to Transporter suite
  • Click on the mailbox to transport and a new window will appear
  • Select POP as type of mailbox to copy and checkmark ‘Specify Client Access Server’
  • Select All emails to transport, review the details and click on Start
  • The files will be migrated to Outlook Account

So, export NSF files to Outlook PST just with CSV file. If you find the process complex then try the NSF to PST converter. It only requires to add the NSF files, it scans, repair and recovered NSF file. The tool than convert them to PST format without any data loss. It ensures that the integrity of files is maintained and all the files, contacts, messages, attachments, contacts get transmitted to Outlook application.