Unlock Encrypted PDF on Mac

How to Unlock Encrypted PDF on Mac & Win – Top Ways to Resolve

How to Unlock Encrypted PDF on Mac & Win – Best Ways to Resolve


Portable document file ‘PDF’ is the most commonly used file format across the universe. Users prefer this due to its enhanced functionalities. Mainly, it offers an advanced option to users such as set a complex password to make the PDF protected. Users utilize this utility but, after some time when they lost or forgot the password. At times, they become unable to open encrypted PDF.

Subsequently, they start looking for an effective solution to remove encryption from PDF document. So, we considered this issue and come up with this flawless article. Today! Here, we will be going to mention the resolutions for how to unlock encrypted PDF on Mac & Windows OS.

Hence, just go thoroughly to the entire blog to know more.

Manual Way to Remove Password Encryption from PDF on Windows

Below here, you will get the instructions to execute a procedure to decrypt an encrypted PDF file manually. Mainly, we have discussed all the steps sequentially. So, you just have to follow all the steps accurately. Let’s get started:

1. Initially, you have to open the desired PDF with Acrobat Acrobat Pro DC.

2. After selecting the encrypted PDF click Protect from the right side of the panel.

3. Here, click on Encrypt then, Remove Security option. And add the correct password then, click OK to proceed further.

4. Conclusively, when asked to remove security from PDF, click on OK to confirm.

How to Unlock Encrypted PDF on Mac OS X – Manually

As in comparison of Windows machine Mac OS having a complex user interface. But still, with the help of the below-outlined manual steps. Users can easily remove password encryption from PDF document. To do so, simply execute all the details adequately.

Step 1: Primarily, navigate the desired encrypted PDF file which one you require to unlock. Then, open it in Preview on your Mac OS system.

Step 2: Now, the Preview utility will prompt you to add the password to unlock the PDF. So, you have to enter an appropriate password.

Step 3: Then, you are in the preferred PDF file. Go to File option and click on an Export from the Menu Bar.

Step 4: Afterwards, you have to ensure that you rename the decrypted file. Alternatively, check that the encryption option is “unchecked”. Once you are done with all the formalities. Here, you have to hit a click on the Save button to proceed further.

Step 5: Finally, a new PDF that you have created previously is a profitable copy of the PDF you were just in. Moreover, anyone can open this file just in case, you send it to any another user so, he/she can open it without a password.

Important Note!

Both the above-stated manual solutions can unlock encrypted PDF document only when the user remember the exact password. Also, at a time single PDF file can be used for the encryption removal process. Moreover, if in case the file has some restrictions then the manual methods will request the user to enter the permission password.

But, if the user does not know this type of password then the manual techniques can’t be used. Thus, in such situations, it becomes necessary to have an automated solution. Moreover, manually removing password encryption from PDF the user must have the full version of Adobe Acrobat Program.

Ultimate Way to Unlock Encrypted PDF

To remove encryption from PDF documents in bulk use PDF Password Unlocker Tool. With the help of this software, you can easily unlock strongly encrypted PDF document. This software is come up with emphasized features and functionalities. All those features help to provide your desired outcome.

If the user does not know the permission password then this software can be used. As it can remove permission password from PDF for copying, editing, printing, page extraction, etc without asking any password. However, this PDF password remover tool easily removes any kind of permission like the signature, document assembly from PDF.

Moreover, this tool does not associate with any kind of compatibility issue. It supports all versions of both either Windows or Mac OS to remove password encryption from PDF documents. So, simply download and utilize this amazing utility by visiting its official website.

Time to Verge

Above here, in this article, we emphasized the solutions for how to unlock encrypted PDF document in the batch. Most of the users try to search for a free method to resolve this issue. But, they ignore the fact i.e., the manual method is having some limitations which affect the complete process. Drawbacks like known permission password, the requirement of the full version of Acrobat, not applicable for a batch process, etc.

So, in such situations, it is better for you to choose an automated solution. Because it provides surety to remove encryption from PDF documents. All in all, we explained both the techniques manual and professional to do the same. Now, the decision is yours which one you need to select.

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