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How to Select the Right Vacuum Cleaners for Your Home.


The vacuum cleaner is a household appliance that has been proven in homes. But today between the different models, the options they offer, answer the question “how to choose a vacuum cleaner? Is not easy. Many criteria are to be taken into account such as suction power, capacity, weight, sound level, and price. The goal? Determine which the best vacuum cleaner is for you. Whatever the model, it will bring you complete satisfaction and must meet your expectations and needs perfectly.

To answer the question “how to choose a vacuum cleaner? Here is a small guide that will help you buy the device that suits you. This guide also aims to show you the different models that currently exist: vacuum cleaner with or without a bag, vacuum cleaner broom, robot, and hand and bring you all the useful and necessary information on these devices. After all, your first goal is to buy a vacuum that you can keep in the long run and that will allow you to vacuum all your indoor floors, right?

Here are the essentials to consider when looking for your vacuum cleaner. After reading, you can easily answer the question “how to choose a vacuum cleaner?

How to choose your vacuum cleaner: what are the criteria to look at?

The budget: the first element to take into account

What price to pay for a vacuum cleaner? How to choose your vacuum cleaner according to your budget? What is the cost of a quality vacuum cleaner? These are questions to ask before any purchase. Vacuum prices vary from one model to another. Before you start looking for the best model, it is important to determine a maximum budget for your device. It is also essential to opt for a model with a very good price / quality ratio that will satisfy you. As with any product, a high-quality, multi-functional vacuum cleaner will be more cost-effective in the long run, but will cost more than a conventional model.

Which model to choose?

Vacuum cleaners with bag

The vacuums with bags are models that have always been very popular with people. They are very easy to use and very handy thanks to their directional wheels. Suitable for all types of floors, they have a suction head connected to the body by a long telescopic tube, often adjustable in height. The bag installed indoors can be washable or renewable. The latter has a total capacity quite satisfactory (5 liters on some models).

The structure of these vacuum cleaners with bag is almost identical but the suction power varies from one model to another. The majority of these devices have the capacity to suck all types of floors (tiling, carpet …) and coverings (sofa, carpet …). Because the energy class is just as important as the quality, the majority of bagged vacuum cleaners belong to the energy class A. The accessories that are provided with these vacuum cleaners are very complete and allow sucking up every interior.

What are the four flagship products of 2017? Here is our comparative chart of the best vacuum cleaners with bag.

Bag less vacuum cleaners

The bag less vacuum cleaners are models appeared after models with bag. They are used in the same way as their predecessors to a difference: they are without bag and have a so-called cyclonic or multicyclonic filtration system. In spite of their technological aspect, these vacuum cleaners are very simple to use and they guarantee a real aspiration of all the interior grounds.

The dust collector has a smaller capacity than a conventional bag and needs to be emptied after each use. The power of these products is also very satisfactory, as is the energy class (A for the majority of models). The vacuum cleaner with bag ensures maximum suction and minimum expenditure of money. Their architecture is more original and their maneuverability is also to be emphasized. Vacuums without bags are accompanied by very practical equipment.

Broom Vacuum Cleaners

This type of vacuum cleaner is both original and authentic. Its simplicity of use and its maneuverability are the main advantages of a broom vacuum cleaner. They are used in the same way as a classic broom thanks to their shape and lightness. With a broom vacuum, no need to bend or bend to suck an interior.

These devices operate wirelessly and are equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery that ensures each vacuum cleaner a satisfactory autonomy. It recharges directly on a jack. The shape of these models is compact which also allows them to be stored anywhere (closet, corner of the house …) or just in the middle of a room (thanks to their parking position). The power of their engine makes this device powerful and very practical. The dust collector should be emptied after each vacuuming for better efficiency.

With Or Without a Bag?

While bag less vacuum cleaners arrived in force on the shelves, they did not put the bagged models aside. When you ask yourself the question “how to choose a vacuum cleaner?” You will also have to ask yourself with or without a bag? If the suction power is important, the storage of dust is just as important.

Vacuum cleaners with bags are traditional devices and very easy to use: a bag attached to a support acts as a filter and has the power to store and retain the dust inside. Over time, the bag fills up. If he is not washable, his change is necessary. For this, simply lift the hood, remove the bag and throw it. A vacuum cleaner with a bag has a more hygienic side as there is no contact with the dust.

The bag less vacuum cleaner, for its part, uses a cyclonic filtration system which, thanks to the centrifugal force, sends the dirt directly into the dust container. Once the collector full, just remove it and empty it directly above the trash. Cleaning is also recommended after each use. To make the task a little simpler, the manufacturers of these devices have come up with ingenious systems to minimize contact with dust.

In Summary:

The vacuum cleaner with bag is an ideal product for people with allergies or not wishing to be in contact with dust. These models are also less noisy than their “competitor” because the bag has the power to stifle the noise. However, the regular purchase of bag is to be taken into account when you choose.

Unlike vacuum cleaners with bags, bag less ones do not need a bag to function. Only emptying and washing the tank is necessary. They are however noisier and contact with trash is frequent.

Silence Above All?

The sound level is expressed in decibels and it is an important criterion since it will contribute to your comfort. Some models have a power dimmer on their vacuums that allows you to adjust the unit and at the same time the noise. The number of decibels depends on the type of vacuum cleaner, the model. In general, the noise starts to become deafening and disturbing from 80db. The quietest devices can go down to 60db.

Is The HEPA Filter The Most Effective?

How to choose your vacuum cleaner according to the filtration? Today, on most models, filters have the ability to retain even the smallest particles of dust. An improvement that is due, in particular, to the HEPA filter. While it is ideal for people with asthma and allergies, it cannot guarantee that no dust is released. Leaks in the body of the vacuum cleaner may appear. On the energy label, the filtration level is indicated. Class A is the best and the G is the worst. It is therefore very easy to compare and identify the best vacuum cleaners.

The Importance of Maneuverability

A flexible vacuum cleaner helps prevent pain. Vacuum wheels are the first thing to look at. These must be swivel and large enough to overcome obstacles such as carpets. Weight also influences mobility. The heavier the device, the more it will be difficult to handle and transport. Moreover, if you plan to wear it, it is important to check if a carrying handle is available. The cord should also be long enough to vacuum a large area without disconnecting the vacuum. When the handle, it is better to opt for a telescopic tube adjustable in height. All commands (starting the device, rewinding the wire, setting the power, etc.) must be accessible with the foot and the hand.

What are the accessories to find with the vacuum cleaner?

As soon as we ask ourselves the question “how to choose a vacuum cleaner? It is essential to ask “what accessories is it important to find with the vacuum cleaner? “ In addition to the main brush, it is advisable to have a crevice tool for sofas, armchairs, and a carpet brush. On the suction head, bristles must also be present to avoid scratches.

The Warranty of the Vacuum Cleaner

Nobody can predict the life of a vacuum cleaner. Many manufacturers are now offering attractive guarantees that can range from 1 to 5 years. Another important point: it is advisable to take a warranty that includes labor and parts. However, warranty extensions are often more expensive and in case of problems they are sometimes difficult to argue.

Spare Parts Are Not To Neglect

Spare parts are often forgotten by future buyers. They tend to look first at the brand and the price rather than the availability of parts. With each purchase, it is therefore recommended to check if these parts are easily found in stores or on the internet.

Buying a vacuum cleaner is not a trivial choice and should not be done on a whim. Different criteria are to look in order to acquire the best vacuum cleaner. The latter must be able to meet the expectations and needs of each user while providing full satisfaction. Through this guide, we hope to have informed you and informed you about what a good vacuum cleaner. How to choose a vacuum cleaner? You now have everything on hand!

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