In the traditional version of Gmail, there used to be an option of saving the emails as Google documents; however, now this option is not available. Some emails are important and it is imperative to save them. This makes them safe and easily accessible on multiple devices when in need. A file saved in PDF in Google Docs will be easy to print, edit and view.

We have compiled some methods for you to achieve the same:

Method 1: Use Gmail to Save PDF in Docs

In this method, all you require is an active connection and a Gmail account. This method directly saves your emails as PDF instead of using third-party applications.

1. Log into your Gmail account and open the mail that you desire to save in Google Docs.

2. On the right of the email screen, a print button is present. Select that.

How to Save Google Messages as PDF in Google Docs

3. A new tab will open with printing options. In the Print window, on your left, there is a drop-down menu named “Save”. In the drop-down menu select “Save in Google Docs”.

How to Save Google Messages as PDF in Google Docs

4. Open Google Docs to find your mail saved in the “recent” panel.

How to Save Google Messages as PDF in Google Docs

Method 2: Use a Google Chrome Extension

In the above method, the attachments to the mail do not get saved as PDF in Google Docs. Therefore we listed this method to help you save your emails with images/ files or any other attachments that are in your emails.

Use a Google Chrome Extension Save Google Messages as PDF in Google Docs

  1. Go to Google’s add ons.
  2. Search for “Save Emails to Google Drive”
  3. This will open the add-on Save Emails to Google Drive. Select Add to Chrome button on your right.
  4. After this extension is added to your Google Chrome, open your email.
  5. Right next to the Print button there will be a small icon of Drive present. Select it and this mail will get saved to your Google Docs.

Method 3: Saving Multiple Emails to Docs

With the help of the above-mentioned extension, you can also save multiple emails in Google Docs. All you have to do is select the files that you wish to save and go to the top of the inbox window here you will find a Google Drive icon.

When you select this icon a drop down menu will open. The first option is to save your email as a PDF in Google Drive as a separate PDF. These emails will get saved in a single PDF in your Google Drive. This method helps you save emails from one particular person to get saved in one PDF which saves you time!

All of these methods above sure shot work. Making PDFs of your emails and their thread ensure that they are promptly available to you when you need them. These methods not only saves your emails as PDFs in Google Docs, but they also make sure that in case of contingency like your email getting deleted from your Gmail, you have a ready back-up!