How To Recover Deleted Excel Files on Windows
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How To Recover Deleted Excel Files on Windows Effectively?


Microsoft Office Excel, a spreadsheet application, allows you to calculate, data process, statistic analyze, and so on. The wonderful features make it a very widely applied office tool. Occasionally, you may lose the important excel files because of mistaken deletion or other reasons. Thus, you are certain to know how to recover deleted excel files on Windows urgently.

Overview of Deleted Excel Files Deletion and Recovery

When you delete excel files and then empty them from the Recycle Bin, they seem to disappear from your computer. In fact, they are just marked invisible by the Windows system, and the contents would not be erased or destroyed immediately. Windows just regard the space as available to use. That is to say, you have the chance to restore the deleted excel files.

Therefore, if you intend to undelete the excel files, please do NOT save new files to the drive where the deleted files once located. Otherwise, the deleted excel files would be overwritten and become irrecoverable.

How to recover deleted excel files on Windows? In practical use, the cases of excel files loss are different. So, in the following parts, three solutions based on different situations will be illustrated in detail.

You Can Recover Deleted Excel Files on Windows with Three Methods

Method 1. Undelete Excel Files from Backup

This solution enables you to recover deleted excel files just by using a Windows built-in utility – Backup and Restore, which is used to back up data. To reach the goal, you just need to follow these steps (we take Windows 7 as an example):

  1. Press Start and click Setting
  2. Choose Update & security > Backup > Go to Backup and Restore
  3. Click Restore my files recover deleted excel files from the backup

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Method 2. Undelete Excel Files from Recycle Bin

If you deleted excel files by using Delete, it will be easy to restore them from the recycle bin.
You just need to open “Recycle bin”. Then, locate the needed excel file and right-click on it. Choose “Restore” to accomplish file recovery.

Method 3. Recover Deleted Excel Files with Undelete Program

This method is used to recover permanently deleted excel files (deleted by Shift + Delete, or emptied from recycle bin) without backups. Under these two circumstances, you will need to use a piece of professional data recovery software.

To help you restore deleted excel files effectively, a technical recovery program is going to be recommended – MiniTool Power Data Recovery. By using it, you can restore files that are lost due to mistaken deletion, virus attack or lost/damaged partition.

Step 1: Install the Software and Open It

Just free download this application and install it on your computer. Then open it and enter This PC interface directly.

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Step 2: Scan and Find the Excel Files

Then, choose the drive (that contained the deleted excel files) and click Scan. When the scanning process comes to an end, you will see all the scanning results are listed by the path. Just open them one by one to find the items you need.

To confirm the needed files, you can use the Preview option to check the files in advance. Currently, this software allows you to preview 70 types of files.

Step 3. Restore the Selected Files

Once you select all you need, you can click “Save” to specify a location to save the recovered files. After finishing these steps, you can check the recovered excel files directly.

Note: be careful that you can’t save the recovered files to the original path to avoid data overwritten.

Similarly, if you plan to recover deleted excel files from a removable device, like USB flash drive and SD card, you need to choose the Removable Disk Drive module. Except for excel files, this software allows you to recover almost all kinds of data (images, documents, music, apps, etc.) of course. So you can download one to prepare an unexpected data rescue.

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