How to Recover Damaged Oracle Database Files

How to Recover Damaged Oracle Database Files

SQL and ORACLE are the two most database platform used by Organizations. Many of these organizations prefer ORACLE depending on their needs. Database Administrators managed the database and responsible for each and every activity. Like SQL, these database files (DBF) gets corrupt due to several reasons and to resolve these errors and recover lost Oracle DBF file one should use Oracle Database Recovery Software.

How to Recover Database Files in Oracle

You can get back files easily by using database recovery software. Start the software and add the location of Oracle DB now scans it and recoverable DBF files will be listed. Select the files to recover and then select the option to create a new database, the files will be moved to a new database and you can easily get them. Thus in just 4 to 5 steps the Stellar Database recovery software repairs and recover the Oracle DBF files.

Features of Stellar Oracle Database Recovery

Ensures Complete Recovery: The database recovery software repairs the damaged DBF files and all its components including views, roles, indexes, tables, triggers, stored procedures and others

Recover XML Data Type Option

Recover the queries for views, procedures, packages, functions and database. The software scan engine repair the XML data type and XML Schemas

Preview and Scan

As a part of recovery database repair tool scans the entire database and collect the files to recover, it then lists the files in a window from where users can select the files to recover and get them back

Recover Tables

A database stores the data in tables, it consists of all the information about a user. The Stellar database recovery gives an option for ‘Scan deleted records of table’ option which only focus on tables and with its intelligent algorithm retrieve all the data.


The software comes with lifetime license validity, so with one purchase, you can use it for a lifetime without spending money. The software will also get updates whenever released.


Use this Database recovery software with major Oracle versions and it can be installed on Window OS 10/ 8/ 7.

So, there are several benefits of using Oracle Database Recovery Software. Repair, Recover corrupt DBF files and save them in a usable format.