Do You Know How To Recover Cut Files From Hard Drive

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In this technological era, almost every single user knows how to cut and paste data files from one place to another. But, sometimes, users failed to perform the cut and paste procedure properly and lose their important data. At times, they search an alternative technique to recover cut files.

So, we consider this issue and come up with a solution for the same. Here, in this article, we are going to disclose the prominent approach to resolve how to recover cut files from a hard drive issue.

But, before proceeding further, let’s understand this topic more, with the help of some users real-life queries.

All the below-outlined user’s scenarios are taken from the forum website:

User’s Real Time Query

Can anyone please help? Last week I cut some of my vital files from my D drive and paste to my USB. But unfortunately, my system is shut-down in between the procedure.

After restarting the computer I realized that I lost all of my data files. Now, I want an effective solution to recover cut files from Hard drive. Any help would be gratifying. Thanks.

pen drive data

“Hi! I require help related to cut files recovery issues. I transferred a folder, which contains 4GB worth of videos to another external hard disk by cutting and pasting. But, I do not know why my data files are not transferred properly even though, they all are lost while transferring.

How it can be possible. Moreover, can I recover cut files from hard drive?. If yes, then please suggest me an efficient solution.”

“I am trying to move my music library from exterior hard disk to my newly purchased laptop. But, I thought that I skip some instructions which are provided in between the cut and paste procedure.

I remember that I hit the cancel button and then, the transfer stopped. Now, I am unable to find and recover those files. Mainly, those files are not in the original folder, nor the target folder.

But, they all are display on my hard drive somewhere as there is about 10GB. However, I cannot find them in a folder. I do not know what exactly happens. Can anyone please tell me? Any ideas?”

Note: Once you recognized that you have lost data files after a cut and paste failure. So, you have to stop using that system immediately. Because any new data may overwrite the removed files. And when the data file is overwritten so, it becomes impossible to recover them.

Know How to Recover Cut Files From Hard Drive Flawlessly

There is no availability of the manual solution to retrieve cut files from hard drive. But, here, we come up with this amazing tool named Hard Drive Data Recovery software. Using this software user can easily recover cut files from hard drive. Mainly, this tool can retrieve mistakenly or intentionally cut files from hard drive.

This hard drive data recovery software facilitates effective features and functionalities, which makes this software handy. This tool can recover data from any either internal or external hard disk of computer, support recovery of lost data from GPT and MBR hard disk partition.

This tool also recovers deleted after formatting hard drive in NTFS or FAT format, etc.

All in all, it is a perfect way to recover cut files from the hard drive. Thus, any user either technical or non-technical utilize this amazing software without taking any external help.

Guide to Recover Cut Files From Hard Drive

Here, we are going to explain the directions to recover files after cut and paste. You just have to follow all the steps consecutively, to get the expected resultant:

Step 1: Download Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool

First of all, install and run the SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery Software into your local machine. To do so, navigate to Start and All Programs>> Hard Drive Data Recovery utility. Then, the tool will display you the initial screen

hard drive-1

Step 2: Provides Several Options to Retrieve Cut Files From HDD

Here, this hard drive data recovery tool facilitates specific options such as Scan and Formatted Scan to recover corrupted, deleted and formatted data.

Scan: Opt this scan option to recover corrupted and deleted data files and folders from hard drive.
Formatted Scan: Choose formatted scan option to retrieve formatted files from hard disk.

Now, you have to choose Scan option because your cut files are deleted instead of formatting.

hard drive-2

Step 3: Display Live Scanning Report

Subsequently, after selecting the scan type option for scanning the drive. Then, the application will display a live scanning report in the left corner.

However, you have to wait until it turns to 100% and after completion of the scanning procedure, you can view all the folders in the left panel as follows:
hard drive-3

Step 4: Preview Complete Information of Selected Drive

After completion of the scanning process. Here, the pen drive recovery software shows entire details associated with it. Mainly, it will display all the folders into the right panel and highlight those folders which include data inside.

So, you can explore the folder and view complete data into the right panel of application.
hard drive-4

Step 5: Recover and Export Specific Files

Ultimately, this utility provides you different options to export the recovered data i.e., either Complete recovered data or Save selected data. So, you can choose any option according to your necessity.

Once you choose the option after that, the application will begin the export procedure. When the export procedure is being completed.

hard drive-5

Step 6: At last, the software will notify you by a prompted message that says Export Completed Successfully. Thus, click on OK to proceed ahead to view recovered deleted files from pen drive after format.

hard drive7

Its Time to Conclude

After reading the complete article. Hopefully, you will get rid of your issue such as how to recover cut files from hard drive. Mainly, we mention the perfect technique to recover missing data after the cut and paste failure quickly.

Using hard drive recovery software, you can easily execute the procedure to do the same. Moreover, you can download this hard drive data recovery application on any Windows machine.

Because it does not integrate with any kind of compatibility issues. It supports all enhanced and below versions of Windows OS. So, simply install this flawless tool and resolve this cumbersome problem instantly.