How To Record Your Desktop Screen With YouTube
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How To Record Your Desktop Screen With YouTube?


Many of us have Youtube Channels and love helping followers with different tips and ways of making presentations, playing games and performing special tasks. While recording the screen of your phone is very easy, because many of them come with in-built screens recorders, recording your screen on your laptop. Screen sharing/Screencast on desktops and laptops is easy through YouTube. All you need for that is a Youtube Channel and an internet connection.

Follow these simple methods to enable your laptop/desktop to record your screen:

Method 1: Record your Screen on YouTube

For this method, all you need is a Google account. YouTube provides all of its users the function of recording their screens so that they don’t have to deal with the long process of wasting data and downloading third-party applications for recording your screen. So log-in to your YouTube account and follow these steps:

1: Find the “Video Share” button right next to the Search Bar on the YouTube page and click on it. This will take you to the Live Stream page of YouTube. If you haven’t activated your Live Stream, YouTube will ask you to verify your account and authorize your account within 4 hours. After authorization, you can live stream and record videos on YouTube.

2: you will reach the Create Event page, where you will give a name to your video. After naming the video you have to set its visibility. You can choose between either Unlisted or Private.

Record your Screen on YouTube

3: after setting in the visibility, click on go live button.

4: After you click on the Go Live Button, you will see a pop-up which will inform you about entering into the Google Hangout On Air. Hangout On Air will enable you to live stream through your webcam.

Record your Screen on YouTube

5: after you enter your Hangout On air page, click on “Screenshare”. After this, choose the desktop screen you want to record.

6: click on Start Screenshare and then Start Broadcast. This will begin the recording of the desktop screen you want. When you are done, click on Stop Broadcast.

Method 2: For those of you who don’t want to use YouTube for recording

1. Use Bandicam: All you got to do is download the software and start recording! It has a play and stops button. The only drawback about this software is that you can only record a gaming screen on this software.

2. Use Wondershare Filmora Screen: This is versatile software. It is available online for free. You can download and use it for recording and editing high-quality videos including gaming, screen, and webcam videos.

The video you just recorded will be stored in your YouTube dashboard from here you can upload the video to your YouTube Channel. You can also download the video in your Google Drive.

However, screencasting on YouTube can be a tiresome and long process. Therefore you are advised to use third-party applications where you can edit and record videos through your webcam, record your screen and games.

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