It is definitely a challenge to keep a high ranking for a website because of intense competition online. Thus you should follow some simple steps which will help you get a high ranking easily.

These are some ways through which you can have a great website ranking on Google: –


The first and most important thing is that you should have a great and qualitatively superior website. Have good and useful content and also use appealing pictures and videos which the visitors will find useful and attractive. This is also very important as this will help create a wide customer base and also generate repeat visits.

It is important to have attractive content and then your audience will stay engaged and spend more time on your website thus making your website popular and high ranking on Google.


As they say ‘CONTENT IS KING’. This is also very true for your website. Your focus should be on high quality and relevant content. The content on your website should be attractive, useful and informative.

You should first research and preempt what the visitor is looking for and then inculcate that in your website. To make your website popular and rank well it should have all the right ingredients like great designing, great content, Great appeal and also should be useful with practical and down to earth information.


Title tags should be good and relevant as this is your chance for free advertising. The title tags can include all the information which will give the audience the feel of what your website is all about. The Title tags should have the important and relevant information so that the Google bots can track them and show your website in the first few pages of the search.

Also, these tags are a critical and important aspect of SEO as they convey your marketing skills to your targeted audience. The words used in the tags should be attractive and relevant and they should flow smoothly while having the relevant keywords.

You can put information like your company name and the relevant keywords which will attract the audience. Also, every page of your website should have a unique title tag and meta tag too, while creating them is difficult and need the right strategy to create the unique title and meta which can be learned with Digital Marketing Training Gurgaon.

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Links are a very useful and valuable tool for gaining a great search engine ranking. Links or backlinks are considered as a vote from one website to another thus the more links which land to your site the more popular the search engine bots will think your website is.

Also, it is a good idea to get your links on well-known and established sites as that will ensure more conversions and also these are weighed heavily while ranking your site. Thus acquiring links from good and reputable websites is critical if you want a good search engine ranking.

Also as a word of caution you should see to it that your links are all related in some way to your website as otherwise your site will be penalized in the ranking.


There are many sites on which you can buy backlinks but this strategy fails as Google is continuously doing a crackdown on paid backlinks. You should avoid link farms and should not buy backlinks. Rather there should be a mutual understanding between both the sites where they both showcase and include each other’s backlinks.

The more natural your backlinks appear the better it is. The best strategy is to get backlinks from reputed and popular sites as that will truly boost your search engine ranking. Building Natural links are difficult and you need the right strategy to create them and the right strategy and be learned with Digital Marketing Training Gurgaon.

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Your domain name should be relevant to your offerings and also it should be simple and easy to remember and understand. Thus before you go for a domain name you should look for a name which is catchy and also conveys your brand message.

Try to avoid using strange or complex characters in your URL and keep it short and simple. If you have a simple domain name, then the Google bots will pick it up quickly and because of relevancy, your search engine ranking will improve.


It is a challenge for Search engine spiders to read coding other than HTML. Thus the safest bet is to go for websites written in HTML and not Flash. If you are a new company which is trying to establish your presence, then it is critical that your website is written in HTML as that will ensure that you get a good search engine ranking.


It is very important to keep updating your content and adding new content continuously. This will help you have a consistently high ranking on search engines. The fresher the content the more the chances of the bots to find it relevant and provide a high search engine ranking.


Your website should be simple and attractive and easy to navigate. This will help keep the visitor hooked on to the website for a longer period of time and thus you will be able to get a higher search engine ranking.