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How to Monitor Your Children’s Phone Remotely? [Android and iPhone]


The internet can be a dark place, where threats of cyberbullies, scammers, frauds, pornography, extortionists, and others is always present. In such a scenario, leaving a child exposed can make them vulnerable and bait for such people. In recent times, children and adults alike spend more time on digital devices than before. This is attributed to the fact that digital devices are everywhere. Because of this increased screen time and overuse of social media among children, many mental health disorders have come to the forefront.

Teenagers, these days, are more depressed, anxious, and lonely than ever before. The irony is that despite the technology that allows us to connect to others, we feel alone.

This is why monitoring your child’s phone has become an apparent need. Parents need to intervene and inspect their child’s online activity. However, in the case of teenagers, this may not seem like an easy solution, since teenagers may be reluctant. Moreover, it is impractical to expect parents to hover over their children’s activities 24/7. This is why parental monitoring tools are becoming a necessity.

How can spying apps monitor a child’s phone remotely?

A cell phone monitoring app, often called a spying app, can give you access to data that is collected on the mobile device. Several apps allow parents to monitor their child’s online activity, even without your children knowing about it. You can choose to run these apps in the hidden mode. Since the app is installed on a child’s phone, a parent can monitor who their child talks to, what apps their child uses, what their child sees online, and more.

In short, a cell phone monitoring application can provide parents with insights regarding their children’s online activity. Parents can essentially spy on Android and iPhone without having the phone. To achieve this, a parental monitoring app is installed on their phones. You often need to check the compatibility of your device with the parental monitoring app. In most cases, you also need to gain physical access to the device to install the app.

Once the app is installed, you can begin monitoring the activity on the device through an app or a web-based user interface. The app collects data from the device and uploads it to the Cloud services offered by the app. Users can access and download the data from the Cloud. Often photos, videos, text messages, call logs, email browsing history, and bookmarks can be downloaded for viewing at a later time.

Some apps even allow parents to control children’s smartphone remotely. Parents can send remote commands from the app to the phone. This allows parents to not only monitor their children’s smartphones but also restrict its usage as they deem fit. Parents can, thus, exercise more control over how their children conduct themselves online. Because of a spying app, parents can intervene at the right time to protect their children from online threats.


Xnspy is a cell phone monitoring application for parents that allows them to monitor what their children do over their phones.


  • Xnspy provides a plethora of features. These features include the following:
  • Call logs: View incoming, outgoing, and missed calls on the monitored phone
  • Contact list: View the list of contacts saved on the device
  • Text Messages: View messages sent and received via SMS and iMessages, including the time and date associated with them.
  • Instant Messaging Applications: View messages on apps including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct Messages, Skype, Kik, LINE, Viber, and Tinder
  • Multimedia: View photos and videos stored on the device even after they have been deleted
  • Location Tracking: View current and previous locations of the monitored device
  • Geo-fencing: Mark locations as safe or unsafe
  • Emails: Monitor sent and received emails along with details of the contact
  • Browsing History: View the list of URLs visited along with how frequently these sites are visited and the timestamps associated with them
  • Bookmarks: View list of bookmarked websites
  • Wi-Fi Networks: View the Wi-Fi networks that the device had connected to
  • Application Activity: View the applications installed on the phone along with the time that each app is in usage
  • Ambient Listening: Listen to the surroundings of the phone when it is in idle mode
  • Call Recording: Record conversations that happen over the phone
  • Remote Control: Control the phone remotely by blocking apps, locking device, taking live screenshots, and more
  • Watchlist: Receive alerts when your child is in an unsafe location
  • Analytics: View the list of top 10 frequently visited websites, top 5 callers, and top 5 call durations

Subscription Plans

Xnspy offers 2 subscription plans for Android and iPhones:

  • Basic Edition: $4.99/month effective on their annual subscription
  • Premium Edition: $7.49/month effective on their annual subscription

To find out more about the pricing, check this page.


Xnspy is compatible with Android and iPhones. When it comes to Android devices, Android version 6.x to 9.0.2 is compatible with the app. The app works with iOS devices between iOS 4.x and 9.x are compatible with the device. For some versions of the iPhone, you only require iCloud credentials of the device, given that the two-factor authentication is disabled. Hence, parents can essentially spy on iPhone without having the phone.


The installation process of Xnspy is pretty straightforward. After purchasing the app, a link is sent to your email. To download the app, open the link on the device that you wish to monitor. Install the app by following the steps. You can now log into your Xnspy account to begin monitoring. The data from the device is uploaded to your Xnspy account from where it can be viewed and downloaded.


Among other apps, Xnspy’s performance is exceptional. It does not drain the battery of the device and saves data usage. Since a spy app is heavy on the phone’s resources, many have felt that this is a major let down. But this is not the case with Xnspy. Users can change the setting to update the account only when the phone is charging.

Cell phone monitoring apps are becoming an important aspect of parenting. Without these apps, parents often find themselves in a tough position. By giving their children digital devices, parents want their children to gain benefit from the resources that the internet provides. But online threats serve as a major setback for parents. If you feel the same, we recommend that you try Xnspy and see how it works for your family.

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