How to make money with Instagram in 2019

How To Make Money With Instagram In 2019?


The Instagram platform is used by almost every teen these days. Not only by the teens but almost everyone. Everyone uses social media platforms nowadays and Instagram is the most popular platform among youth. People are uploading stories, uploading posts, using hashtags to become popular on Instagram and get more and more followers.

More followers mean more likes and more comments on your posts. But, you ever thought of monetizing your followers? Yes, actually you can do that. You can earn money from your followers.

The more followers you have, the more money you can make. But, how? The answer is in this blog itself. Just read this blog, and get ready to monetize your followers.

When you have enough followers base, you can monetize your followers by using some marketing methods. To monetize your followers, firstly you should have a large base of followers.

If you already have a large number of followers, then you are good-to-go, but if you haven’t enough followers, then you should earn more and more followers.

Some techniques to earn followers are here:

  • Like other posts similar to your niche.
  • Use trending hashtags in your posts.
  • Write catchy captions on your posts.
  • Upload High-Quality Images.
  • Be regular in serving content to your audience.

But, we won’t go into detail of how to earn followers, as we will cover the main topic “How to make money with Instagram”. But, if you have not enough time to exercise these tasks to earn followers, then you can buy real Instagram followers and start making money with Instagram.

Now, let’s get back to our main topic. How do you make money with Instagram in 2019? Well, here are some points through which you can earn money with Instagram.

Shoutout service:

When you have a large base of followers, you can provide shoutout services to any business or page. Suppose if you have around 20k followers, then you can set the price of the shoutout accordingly.

Furthermore, your niche matters a lot. If you are running a beauty page and have 20k followers, then you can shoutout for any beauty products or page and make money from it.

You can shoutout by 2 methods: A 24-hour story or a permanent post. Both will have different charges. You can negotiate the price with your client and fix the deal.

Partner-up with brands:

Another method is to partner-up with brands. Suppose that you are running a beauty page on Instagram, then you can ask famous brands or rising brands to partner up with you and you can promote that particular brand in your posts or your stories.

You can promote a special product by leaving a review on your post, tagging the brand in your post, and earn money from that particular brand promotion.

This method works only when you have a good amount of followers and reach of your posts and stories in good numbers. So, always make sure you are getting good engagement rate on your Instagram profile.

 Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products, and earn a commission for selling their products by driving your traffic to their website and sell their product. Most websites run affiliate program let other people promote their products and giving them a commission for selling their products.

 You can join affiliate marketing programs and earn commissions for selling other people’s products. You can go for Amazon’s affiliate, or Grammarly’s affiliate, or Udemy’s affiliate program, all dependent on the niche of your Instagram account.

If your Instagram account is promoting writers and help authors publish their books, then you can go for Grammarly’s affiliate program or you can promote some paid courses on Writing available on Udemy. If those affiliate programs don’t match with your niche, then you can find the relevant website and start promoting their products.

Sell your own products:

If you don’t want to sell other people’s products or market their products, then you can put some more efforts and sell your own products on Instagram. Yes, you can sell your own products by promoting it on your Instagram account.

If you are passionate about art and craft, then you can advertise your craft products on your Instagram account and ask your followers to purchase it. You can get orders from your followers. Furthermore, you can add relevant hashtags in the post and attract more people to buy your products.

Art and craft product is just an example. You can select your own products. Buy products at wholesale rates, promote them on your Instagram account and start receiving orders.

You can make a great photo depicting your products and upload them with a compelling caption and market it on your Instagram account.

You can choose a paid promotion for it, in which you can target your audience and reach that post to more and more people and get more orders from Instagram. You can negotiate the payment terms and delivery period with your clients on Instagram DMs.

So, these are some ways through which you can monetize your followers and earn some money from Instagram. But, again, it is possible only when you have a good number of followers on your Instagram account. So, start increasing your followers from now.

tanvi ratadiya

I am a content writer, love being writing on social media trends and technology trends.

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tanvi ratadiya
I am a content writer, love being writing on social media trends and technology trends.