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How To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Website


Traffic is the lifeblood of online businesses. Just think about it. When there’s no traffic, you get no sales and no revenue.

If you’re thinking of using PPC to get traffic, you might spend tons of money that’s quite impossible to turn a profit. It’s times like this that organic traffic comes in. It’s to get traffic to your website free.

And if you want to know how to increase organic traffic to website in the long term, we’ve got tips for you.  

Do Content Audit

Why? Content audit helps you prune the dead weight content from your blog. These are pages that have no links, no conversions, and no organic traffic generation. These don’t provide any value to your website. Instead, they’re just eating up craw budget. You don’t need to write new content or build new backlinks for this.

Look at the pages that have the potential to get more traffic and conversion. Improve these content as soon as possible.

Identify and Remove Keyword Cannibalization

When your website has two or pages that are competing for similar keywords, keyword cannibalization happens. When this happens, Google will struggle to figure out which page deserves to rank. In the end, they won’t rank any of them. Plus, the shares and links will be split between these two pages, so you get less authority with your pages.

Avoid keyword cannibalizations since you are just decreasing your chances of ranking especially since your competing with yourself.

Perform Keyword Research

One of the quickest ways to get a lot of traffic to your site is by improving rankings for the keywords that you are already ranking for. Identify the low hanging keyword opportunities on our website. These are the ones that are ranking for SERPs’ page 2. Then, optimize these and relaunch to boost your traffic and rankings.

Expand Your Organic Footprint Using Secondary Keywords

Get your content to rank for more keywords, and you can be sure your organic traffic increases. How? This is done by sprinkling secondary keywords with slight variations or re-wordings throughout the post. When you use semantics and long tail keywords, Google sees your post as being relevant to several queries.

You can do this by mining competitor articles. Add the best long-tail keywords of your competitors to your list.

Link To New Pages From Existing High-Authority Pages

Do you want to boost your newly published content instantly? We’ve got the tip for you. When you publish your new content, add an internal link to that post from one of your website’s existing, related content that has a high authority.

Scale Question-Based Keyword Research

In a sense, every question is a problem on its own. By understanding what keywords and questions users search for, you can drive more traffic and brand awareness to your site. Aside from that, you can also boost your conversion rates by overcoming and identifying objections at the point of conversion.

All in all, increasing your website’s Increase Organic Traffic requires patience, time and effort to go through all the steps and optimizing your site. If you’re lucky, you can increase website traffic fast for your page. After reading this, you’ve now learned about what is organic traffic and how to increase yours.

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