Import PST Calendar to Gmail
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How to Import PST Calendar to Gmail: Tips & Tricks


It’s September 2019, and we are having the best email clients – Gmail to run our show. Gmail unveiled its dynamic Google Calendar application. Its design is more impressive and makes it perfect for the users. It is super easy to manage & use. This is the reason, Outlook users are switching on it for better management of meetings. That is why they need to import PST calendar to Gmail account.

In this write-up, we are going to show you how to import data from PST file to Gmail with the help of a super easy method. So, let’s begin!

Method to Import Outlook PST Calendar to Gmail

If you searched on the internet how to move data of Outlook into Gmail, you will find GSMMO
(G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook) utility. Actually, it is a software solution which is developed by Google itself. Its functionality is to import Outlook Emails, Calendar, Contacts into Gmail or Google Apps account.

Above all, it is a free Windows-based solution. But, there is a limitation associated with GSMMO utility – Microsoft Outlook installation is must to install the GSMMO. To know how to import PST Calendar to Gmail without Outlook, you can refer this link –

The complete guide to export PST into Google Calendar through GSMMO tool is mentioned below. Go through once and learn how this utility works.

Full Guide to Import PST Calendar to Gmail

Step 1: Download the GSMMO or G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook in your Windows OS from the given link:

Step 2: Once its setup gets downloaded, you need to run the GSMMO tool.

Step 3: After successful configuration of tool, a windows pop-up on the screen entitled as Please sign-in to G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook. Here, you need to enter Gmail or G Suite email address to its dedicated box. Then, click on Continue.

Step 4: It redirects to the browser where you need to enter the Password associated with the mentioned email address.

Step 5: Once the password gets verified, click on Allow to make a trustful connection between GSMMO tool and Gmail account.

Step 6: After the completion of previous step, back to GSMMO tool.

Step 7: On User Profile window, you need to click on drop-down button of Select a Microsoft Outlook section. Here, you can either directly select the configured Outlook Profile or opt for PST file from the system.

Step 7: On the same window, you also see two options – Migrate all data & Migrate Only new data

  • Migrate all data:- If you are using the tool first time then, go with this option. It will allow you to import all the complete data from Outlook to Gmail account. Thus the entire content saved in PST file gets imported into Gmail account.

  • Migrate only new data:- It is similar like Incremental approach. If you are migrating the data from same Outlook Profile again, then this option allow new items to be involved in migration job instead of all. It will save time & memory space too.

Once you select any above option, click on Next.

Step 8: On Migration Settings window, you need to select the checkbox corresponding to Calendar option to import PST Calendar to Gmail account. Along with this, you can also go with Email and Contact option.

Step 9: From the same window, if you also select Email option, then try the Date Filter feature. There are two different filters are available.

  • Migrate only email sent/received on or after – Use this option, if you want to import messages processed after a certain data.

  • Migrate only email sent/received on or before – This option let you to import email received or sent before a certain date.

Step 10: To initiate the process, click on Migrate button.

Step 11: GSMMO also provides Migration Status window to view the entire migration job live status.

That’s all about how to import Outlook PST Calendar to Gmail account.