How To Fix Hp Printer Not Printing In Color?

How To Fix Hp Printer Not Printing In Color?

HP Printer is undeniably an acclaimed printer among the various printers that are available in the market. With all the polished features, it has marked its place globally. Among the various features, which is most important is the printer has an affordable price; fine memory space; compatible with all the devices; can easily get connected with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; auto-color facility means no need to change the color; auto-duplex, and much more. One thing you need to keep in mind while setting up HP Printer is you need to have original HP Printer driver. People actually had a great expectation on HP Printer printing quality as it has known for its high quality of printing.

There may be a time when you might get irritated with HP Printer for not printing properly or printing black when you have chosen color printing. Or, it is printing blank, printing colorful vertical lines, the print job is slow or hangs in between while printing, and other unusual problems. The issues may seem to be minor, but if proper attention isn’t given to it, then it may turn out to be severe. Are you looking for the solution to fix HP Printer printing black when you have commanded color? Then, have a look at the below short blog to get immediate help.

Some of the similar issues associated with HP Printer printing issue- 

  • HP color printer only prints black
  • Color images printed in black and white
  • HP Printer not printing color ink
  • My color HP Printer keeps printing in black and white
  • HP Printer only printing black and white

The possible reason for HP Printer issues-

  • Ink cartridges issue
  • The new ink cartridges can’t be recognized by the HP Printer
  • The mistake may be from your side
  • HP Printer has a manufacturing defect
  • Color ink cartridges are empty

The quick steps to resolve HP Printer ink cartridges issue-

  • You need to check the HP Printer ink cartridges level.
  • In case, of HP Printer low ink levels, you need to replace the same.
  • You need to clean the HP Printer print head with an automated tool.
  • You need to replace the defected ink cartridges.
  • Check the ink cartridges level and refill it in case of empty cartridges.
  • Try to use the original HP ink cartridges for your printer.
  • You need to generate a paper to test if the problem resolved or not.

We hope that the reliable solutions mentioned above have helped you in resolving the problem. In case, you are unable to resolve the problem, or you still need more help to solve other similar issues, then you need to ask help from the experts by calling on the HP Customer Service number.