How To Find The Best App To Indulge in The 2048 Puzzle Game

2048 Puzzle Game

Are you are a fan of Sudoku, but you want to try something new in the same family of math challenges? I have done the research to help you find the best app for learning the rules and for you to enjoy without having to do all the guesswork yourself. There’s even a link below to some of the best apps if you want to check it out. 

Top 10 2048 Puzzle Apps to check out

To try and make it even easier, here are some tips to make it easier for you to find brain teaser games that are right for you.

Learn about them all to the right one that is out there for you

There are never-ending possibilities in the world of puzzle games. Categories range from testing your logic skills, to number problems, and others that centre around finding images or creating. The cousin of Sudoku, 2048 belongs to the math game category. The main goal of the game is to move around tiles that are numbered so you create a combination of tiles that equal the number 2048. Just like many games, it starts off fairly simple but increases in difficulty as you move up levels and the number of tiles increases. As a newbie, you may wonder where to begin, right? 

If you want to jump into the 2048 puzzle games, let’s first get to know about the game. As a beginner, you should find an app that will teach you the basics so you can start to understand the game little by little, which will make it easier to enjoy. 

As you get to understand the game and rules, you will find that there are different types of math games. They may all come across to you like fun or you might tune in to one particular puzzle and play that one until you understand the game completely. After that, you might want to test your skills even more and explore other games available.

If you don’t feel like you’re catching on to the game after a while, you should look for an app that gives you in-depth instructions on the rules of the game and maybe even examples of solutions to show you how to use the usual tricks to solve the puzzles.

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Play without payment 

Your phone can become a bit expensive when deciding to download all the important apps. Some games can cost a decent amount of money, or apps that secure money transfers, or even photo editing software. These types of expenses may have you looking for a way to save on other apps you want to try. 

No matter what type of app you are in the market for, whether it be a math game, logic game, schedule organizer or photo filters, you will always look at how much it costs before you decide to download. You should try and look for ones that are free with no monthly subscription or one-time fee. 

Games without a cost do not automatically mean they lack in quality. Actually the opposite! There are loads of games out there that are fantastic and completely free to you. Yes, sometimes you might have to be bothered with an ad to get to play for free, but if you want to keep money in your pocket, just think of an ad as a little break you needed to take to enjoy for no money down. 

Because math lends so well to software and app building, it is very likely math games are free, unless they are filled with flashy effects or a mind-numbing amount of options. 2048 and some other math challenges will keep you entertained without taking money out of your wallet. You should absolutely find a free version of your favorite puzzle game!

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Download for easy access and more game time

Enjoy your time on the train or waiting to be called in the doctor’s office by playing a quick game of 2048. To be able to make these times more entertaining, make sure you find an app you can download that will allow you to play without a wifi connection. This should be fairly easy as many apps aim to let you play without connection. 

If you are playing on multiple devices, make sure and sink up to your scores and status on an app that will work seamlessly with all your chosen electronics. There are 2048 game apps that can operate in both Man and PC via Chrome extension, accompanied by your smartphone from Android or iOS.  Hitman games were the first to do this but now they are also involved with puzzle games. 

If having all your devices synced is more important than the rest of the advice we discussed, then you need to make sure the game you have downloaded benefits from constant connectivity. It might cost you a little bit but it will guarantee no matter what devices you jump between, your stats will stay synced.

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Now that I have given you some key points to finding the best 2048 puzzle app, it’s time to go find it and have some fun! Whatever you are searching for in a 2048 app, either the cheapest, the best one to keep track of beating your own scores, or one to entertain you during waiting times, there’s an app waiting for you!

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