How to Do Money Transfer in WeChat Accounts

How To Do Money Transfer In WeChat Accounts?


WeChat is one of the most popular payment channels in China with Alipay. It is the most suitable option for exports and foreigners in China, through which WeChat account does not need an identification card. In addition, WeChat payment is accepted by large-scale shopping malls from the road-to-side, life makes it easy.

In addition to vendor payments, you can easily transfer money to any friend’s account from your Whitelisted account. For example, when your Chinese friends pay money for you in restaurants, you can quickly move money using a veto.

In this article, we explain the step in the second vacuum account through the process of transferring money.

What do you need to transfer money?

Before transferring money you should follow:

Your own account can download and install the WeChat app from any mobile app stores.

The receiver is added as a friend to his account.

You have added a payment method using your bank card or there is a balance between your wasted balance.

How to transfer money to WeChat accounts?

We will now step through the stage of action.

First of all, open your Whit app and choose the friend you want to send money under the “Chats” section.

Once the receiver is selected, tap the + button next to the input box.

You’ll see multiple options and tip the “Transfer” button.

Enter the amount to move to the selected person on the next screen.

You can also enter a note for the receiver to understand the purpose of transferring money.

In our example, we enter 6000 RMB and add a note “Insurance.”

Finally, tap on the “Transfer” button.

WeChat will automatically select the balance based mode of payment available. If you have enough balance, weChat balance will be used for payment. Otherwise, the bank account will be used for payment.

If you have multiple cards or want to add a new payment card, the following image is shown as touching the payment options.

You will see the option of adding vitality balance and new card as well as all connected bank cards.

After finishing the payment mode, payment option using the contact ID or password.

Now this money will move from you and you will see a message below in the Chat section. You can tap the message to see the transfer details.

Once the money transfer is accepted, you will receive a confirmation message as the sender. The previous message will also be converted into the mark with the “accepted” word from the transfer mark.

You can tap on any message to see more details at the time of receipt.

Accept Money Money on the receiver side

The sender will get an instant message to transfer money to his vetet account. The message of the message you entered will be displayed in the message (we have entered a note “insurance”).

He can tap on the message and accept the money for the transfer.

The transfer amount will be included in the voucher balance. The recipients can also balance the bank balance with balance.

Important points on WeChat Money Transfer

By the way, WeChat makes a very easy way to transfer money but remember to follow any unknown person before sending money.

There is no way to stop the money transfer after sending. Even the receiver can not reject the transfer.

The transfer will be waiting for the approval of 24 hours from the time of sending.

The transfer will be canceled if the receiver does not accept transfer within 24 hours. The sender will be sent to the sender’s account.

Any separate receipt or invoice issued for vessel transmission (will not be named FIFA in Chinese). So just use money transfer within your informal friend circles. Pay a valid channel with proof when you need a legitimate.

Avoid using money transfer on personal accounts in the shopping mall. Instead, show your Vendor Payment Bar Code / QR Code so that you can scan with a cashier scanner. Your sales payment code can be seen by tapping “My> Walt> Money”. You can find a fast seller code by tapping the + button on the top edge of the White app by tapping the “Money” option.

source : SeoagencyChina