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Know How to Copy Data from Locked PDF Files


Have you ever encountered a problem when you want to copy from a PDF document on an urgent basis but you find that the file is secured or protected? Or the copy, paste options in Adobe Reader are disabled, like as we have shown in the given screen-shot. If yes? Then, no need to worry. Here, in this write-up, we have described a simple solution which will help you to fix the query “how to copy data from locked PDF”.

copy text from protected pdf

But, before heading towards the solution let us know some user queries demanding to copy and paste text from a locked PDF.

User Queries

Query 1: I was trying to copy contents from a portable document file in Adobe Reader DC. Although I can select the text for copying for I am unable to paste it in a word file. However, I am not facing the same problem with other PDF documents. I can easily copy paste them. But, only in this secured PDF file content copying is not allowed. I don’t know how to resolve this problem. Can anyone tell how to copy data from a locked PDF file?

Query 2: Recently, I downloaded some PDF documents from the web for some thesis work. I tried to copy-paste its contents but, the file does not give me the respective permissions. As these files are large in number, it is not possible for me to manually write data of each PDF file. So, is there a way to copy text from secured PDF. Please suggest if anyone knows it.

Solution: When PDF files are restricted for content copying users are not allowed to copy data from it. Therefore, to copy and paste text from a locked PDF file it is necessary to remove copy restrictions from PDF document permanently. Therefore, for the resolution of the problem, we have described a simple program in the next segment. So, continue reading.

Perfect Solution to Copy Text From Secured PDF Document

SysTools PDF Unlocker Software is an eminent utility that allows copying data from a locked PDF file by removing restrictions. Using this application unlock secured PDF documents for edit, print, copy, sign, etc. This DIY software also allows users to remove the known password from PDF files. Apart from all this, you can also use this software on any version of Windows OS.

Steps to Copy and Paste Text from a Locked PDF

The user can follow the steps given below to copy text from protected PDF on the Windows system.

1- First, launch and run the software on your local system
2- Click the Unlock button present at the top left

unlock copy restricted pdf

3- Now, browse the copy restricted PDF document

4- View the copy & other restrictions also

5- Click Browse to select the destination location

copy restricted pdf

6- Finally, click Unlock PDF button

copy text from secured pdf

Now, the software will create a new file at the destination folder. Users can open it & copy data from locked PDF document.

Limitations of Other Software

In today’s arena, there are many third-party applications are available who guarantee to remove file security so that users can copy text from protected PDF. But, there are certain limitations associated with them. These are as follows:

1- Requesting to enter the permission password
2- Requires login or sign up
3- At a time unlock single PDF document
4- Designed only to remove document open password not permission password

After knowing the drawbacks of other third-party utilities we can conclude that this SysTools PDF Unlocker software is the perfect software. It does not ask the user to enter the permission password for removing restrictions. Moreover, it is a desktop based utility that works without an internet connection & does not require any sign-up. By using this proficient utility users can remove restrictions & copy data from the protected PDF document.


If anyone wants to know how to copy data from a locked PDF document, then this blog is the perfect place. Here we have discussed some user queries and demonstrated solutions to resolve them. But, is advised to use the significant utility i.e SysTools PDF Unlocker Software in order to copy text from secured PDF files. No matter whether it is edit, print, copy, sign, comment restrictions, this tool will surely help to remove any kind of security from PDF files.