Social media has now become the fastest-growing form of digital marketing and continues to reinvent itself as one of the most effective platforms to build your personal brand within the digital marketing world. Social media marketing has undergone many changes over the past few years and this advertising disrupter is set to continue its rapid growth path. There are more social media platforms available today that will help you build your personal brand however; Instagram is among the most popular social media channels.

To keep ahead of the latest social media trends and to gain much-needed skills in this exciting field of advertising, it’s a great idea to complete an accredited social media course to achieve professional excellence as a social media marketing specialist.

What is Instagram all about?

What is Instagram all about?
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So, you want to build your personal brand on Instagram?  Great choice – and you’re right on track with millions of other successful users on Instagram. But first, you’ll need to understand exactly what this popular social media network is all about.

What’s all the hype about? 

With 1 billion monthly active users it’s no wonder Instagram is the place to share, comment, engage and be seen if you want to build your personal brand. What’s Instagram all about?  Basically, Instagram is a social media channel that gives users the instant ability to share images, photos, and videos.  This popular app also allows users to engage with others and one of the best features of Instagram is the amazing ability to build your personal brand.

But remember – this is a form of social media marketing where you have to know what you’re doing and it’s easy to become overwhelmed when starting out. Instagram continues to enjoy unbelievable growth which started out as a photo-sharing social media network but has quickly evolved to help build your personal brand too.

Why use Instagram to build your personal brand?

Why use Instagram to build your personal brand?
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Users spend an average of 53 minutes per day browsing Instagram, so if it’s personal branding you want to build, there’s no better place to do just that. Besides millions of businesses successfully building their brand, Instagram is also great to build your personal brand.

It’s important to keep in mind that marketing your personal brand on Instagram is a long-term based digital marketing plan. However, if you study the latest tips and techniques of Instagram branding, you’ll soon be on your way to posting captivating images and videos which are accompanied by catchy taglines and just the right type and number of hashtags. The best news is that Instagram has handy filters which are great to enhance your top-quality images. This feature allows you to adjust brightness, warmth, saturation, for example, to get your image just right.

Tips for building your personal brand on Instagram

Tips for building your personal brand on Instagram
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Unlike most businesses, building your personal brand on Instagram means you are totally authentic in all engagement and posts. For personal branding, your Instagram posts are expected to be an extension of your expression. Being authentic on Instagram will make the difference in whether your personal brand is a resounding hit or dismal miss.

Instagram is a powerful personal branding tool and if done with insight, authenticity, and passion your personal brand on Instagram will flourish.

So, let’s take a closer look at some great tips to help you build your personal brand on Instagram.

  • Find your voice – Your voice is uniquely yours. So, make sure you use your voice to speak uniquely to your followers. Building your personal brand on Instagram is all about refining the way you get your messages across. It’s about being yourself.
  • Be true to your followers – Never try to be someone you’re not on Instagram, as flaky posts don’t achieve much, and the downside is they will turn off your followers.
  • Target your audience – Understand your audience so take time to research what it is they are interested in and give them answers to why they are following you in the first place.
  • Hashtag right – Everyone knows the importance of hashtags on Instagram. You just can’t post without them. However, not everyone gets a mix of hashtags right. Don’t use too many and don’t make the common mistake of repeating hashtags over and over again.
  • Be consistent – Branding on Instagram is all about being consistent – not only with your type of posts but also with how regularly you post.