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How to Become a Social Media Rock Star?


Have you ever given a thought to what is common between all the artists, writers, and creative people out there? They are born leaders. The leadership quality is innate just like creativity. Because creativity and leadership go hand in hand. Fortunately, we are born in the age of social media. Being discovered and seen has become easy with the advent of social media. But, are you using the right strategies to become a social media star? Whether you are an artist, a group, or a brand, know that social media makes sharing content easy.

It also helps in building relationships with the followers and increasing brand engagement. Just know that you need a bit of planning before exploring the amazing prospects of social media. You may be good at communicating and getting instant help from your Spectrum Customer Service Number. However, gaining fame in the world of social media is altogether a different game.

You need to be highly creative and innovative to be ‘seen’ and ‘noticed’ amongst millions. Devise a proper strategy before diving straight ahead. Get ready to communicate with followers nationally as well as globally. If you are a newbie, let us help you.

Get ready to communicate with followers nationally as well as globally. Check out the following tips and hacks and pave your way to become a social media star!

Create an Innovative Social Media Strategy

Nothing executes well without proper planning. Come up with a well-thought strategy after carefully considering your goals. Here are some of the things, which you should consider:

  • What are your motives? What are you trying to achieve through social media?
  • Do you know your audience?
  • Do you know what your audience wants and expects to see?

Once you know the answers to these simple questions, you’ll be clear about your goals. And only then, you’ll be able to decide which social media channels do you want to utilize.

Frame the Right Content towards Your Targeted Audience

Developing social media content according to the audience that you have is important. Your content has to revolve around the interests of your audience. If your niche is related to automobiles and technical stuff, writing about raising kids and motherhood will not help you. Determining the targeted audience is mandatory to produce the right and relevant content. After producing relevant, quality, and unique content, you can post it then to various outlets on social networking sites.

Also, consider the slight difference in the audience according to the various channels you are using. Avoid repetition in your posts and don’t use the same content on every social networking platform. For instance, people on Facebook like lengthy posts. But, the audience on Pinterest likes to have images for description. Understand the type and category of each social media forum and produce content accordingly. And by content, we don’t just mean the written form.

Maximize the Potential of Your Posts

Remember that posts with huge chunks of written content are not very grasping. Incorporating images, videos and infographics are always a good idea. They also help in conveying the message effectively. Research and surveys suggest that the posts in which content is coupled with visuals, the chances of retaining the information goes up to 65%.

Incorporating visuals makes your posts more catchy and interesting. If you include links, the posts will appear more engaging and readers will keep coming back to your site.

The Length of the Content

You need to pay attention to the length of the content in your posts. Readers lose interest in very long posts so keep them short, crisp, and engaging. According to the famous site Hootsuite, the ideal content length for various social media forums are as follows:

  • Facebook: A maximum of 80 characters or lesser is ideal for engagement
  • LinkedIn: The ideal limit is around 25 words or 210 characters
  • Twitter: Between 70 to 100 characters is a likable limit. The maximum value is 280 characters
  • Instagram: You can go up to around 138 to 150 characters. In addition to the content, you need to add 5 to 9 trending hashtags in the end
  • YouTube: The video titles should remain around 70 characters. They should provide the essential SEO value and briefly explain the content of the uploaded video the ideal length of this description is around 157 characters
  • Pinterest: Stick to 200 characters for your pin descriptions

Be Consistent

To grow your social media presence effectively you need to be present consistently. You can utilize tools like TweetDeck and Facebook Business Manager. They conveniently help you with scheduling your posts and prevent the “dry spell” on your page. These effective tools keep you present on the followers’ feeds. If you have a good budget, utilize the option to boost your posts to get more exposure.

Be Smart and Creative With the Hashtags

Last but not least come up with creative hashtags. Think of the catchy words to pull the campaign together. Think about what the public and followers would respond to. And, make them the hashtags. Use them on social media forums like Instagram and Twitter. Hashtag campaign is trending immensely on the said platforms.

Take inspiration from how a company designs internet plans and then markets them. Take the instance of Cox Internet plans. Not only they put an effort to improvise the plans creatively but they also advertise them in the most catchy ways. Experiment all the innovative strategies and witness incredible results. Genuine efforts always pay off. Good luck with becoming a social media rockstar!

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