Do you want to convert multiple EML files to PDF with attachment? Looking for some instant and cost-effective solution to export EML email messages into PDF document? Then read on and explore this write-up to the fullest!

In the recent date, there are various email applications that are available in the online market which makes all the tasks simple and easier for users. As everyone knows that EML is a common file extension which is mostly supported by multiple email clients. EML is supported by Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express and many others. On the other hand, PDF is a portable document format that is most secured to save data information. It easily contains numerous entities such as texts, images, fonts, hyperlinks, media graphics, etc. Now, let’s begin with a user query by this a user can completely understand the situation.

Corporate User Query

“Hey, I am a user of Microsoft Outlook and I have 1000+ of emails that I want to convert EML to PDF with attachments for my business purpose. But I am not able to export EML to PDF i.e. viewable only Adobe Reader. Now I am searching for a professional way to do this task. So, can anyone suggest me for the same?”

“I have been looking for a simple method that transfers my Outlook Express EML file to PDF format. I tried manually, option but its result in error. By this, I was able to share only a few files and it is a long time process. So I have decided to batch convert EML to PDF Adobe. Is there any workable solution that converts the my.eml file in PDF file format properly? If anyone has, kindly provide me.”

Need to Convert Multiple EML Files to PDF Document

There are the serval reasons that arise the condition to export EML to PDF Adobe document. Some of them are listed below:

• The user can easily save multiple EML emails as a backup in a safe PDF format.
• Simply get the complete data with attachment along with email in a particular file.
• Store the entire data into that file in a systematized manner.
• A PDF file is the most secure format it does not allow anyone to open the PDF document without your permission.

How to Convert EML to PDF File Format?

At the present time, a number of applications are available, that convert EML files to PDF. Here we recommend one of the best software, named as OneTimeSoft EML to PDF Converter. The tool is specially designed for converting EML emails to PDF format. This amazing utility also allows users to transfer EML Messages to PDF along with attachments. It provides the complete EML file to PDF file conversion with accuracy. Henceforth, the user interface is so simple and easy. Apart from this, the tool offers many robust features, some of them are discussed below:

• Convert EML file messages into PDF Format with attachments.
• Provide multiple file naming options for user help according to their needs.
• Compatible with all Windows versions to convert EML files to PDF format.
• Export various EML files to PDF format as there without any size limitation
• It will maintain the formatting and metadata properties of every email when converting the EML file to PDF.

Steps to Batch Convert EML Files to PDF Format

• Download and launch EML to PDF Converter in your system.

• Convert multiple EML files to PDF Adobe, you need to choose the Select Folder option, otherwise, you choose Select Files option.

eml to pst converter
• After this, select the EML files/folder, it will show the file path then press on the Next button to Convert EML to PDF.

import EML to Outlook
• Now, it will preview all data folders, check the preferred one to move further.

eml file to pst
• Then, choose the PDF option to convert EML to PDF with attachments.

eml to pdf converter
• Enter the desired location where you want to Save your converted data. Click on the Next button to batch convert EML files to PDF.

• The program will offer a Number of File Naming options to arrange the data professionally.

multiple naming option
• Now, the EML file to PDF conversion process is completed successfully.

• Find your resultant file data in the destination location.

resultant data

Manual Method to Transfer EML to PDF Format

• Select the EML file and right click on it.
• Open that file into the Microsoft word
• Hit on the Office button in the left upper corner
• Go to save as option and select Find for other file formats for saving EML files into PDF document.

Drawbacks of Manual Approach

The above-stated method has a number of limitations due to which a user always goes with an automated solution to transfer convert multiple EML files to PDF with attachments. Thus, some of the major demerits are mentioned below:

• It takes many times to export EML messages to PDF.
• This method is only for converting a few EML files.
• This process is very complex for naïve users.
• Chances to the data loss or corruption system damage etc.

The Final Words

Nowadays, how to convert EML to PDF format is the most common query. On the other hand, it is quite hard to move data from one email client to another one. So, after analyzing the issue of EML file to PDF file conversion. Hence, in this article, we have provided the best solution that will easily convert EML to PDF with attachments without any data loss or corruption issue. Therefore, if a user wants to use the manual method then always keep demerits of the manual method in mind.