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How to Apply to Musicians Institute


If you are a talented musician and you are looking for a school, where you can get not only the best education but also the opportunity to live a life of a real musician, we have the right place for you. Musicians Institute is one of the most popular colleges of contemporary music. It is located in Hollywood. Apart from the fact that it is placed in Los Angeles, which is probably the most associated city with all kinds of contemporary arts, this college really has something to offer to its students.

By offering “Music Artist”, “Production” and “Industry” programs that combine tradition and modern trends, and prepare students for the real career, this college truly differs from the others. Within the “Music Artist” program, students can learn how to play various modern instruments, how to become DJs or to perfect their singing. “Production” gathers those who are interested in audio engineering, composing, producing, etc.

Finally, “Industry” program offers you the possibility to learn how to build guitars as well as the possibility to listen to the lecturers of music industry professionals from all over the world who can share with you their real-life experiences. If you apply for this college, you have the chance of getting some of the most wanted degrees in the modern musician’s world.

By applying to some of the programs, you get the opportunity to obtain a certificate in Music Performance, Production or Industry programs, as well as to become a Master/Bachelor or Associate in some of these programs. If you are joining the Institute just in order to adopt some new knowledge about music and related spheres of art, be free to combine lessons, workshops, and classes within the MI Select or MI Select Express programs that last between 5 and 10 weeks and don’t offer any certificate.

How to Become a Member of Musicians Institute?

Musicians Institute is the educational institution open for all the people interested in joining this large family independent of the skin color, sexual orientation or some other characteristics. No matter where you are from, if you are an American or you are coming from some other part of the world, you are more than welcome to apply to this college. If you fulfill the criteria we are about to list in the article, the chances are more than great that you will be enrolled.

Filling the Application Form

The procedure of applying to the Institute is mostly the same for all the potential candidates. No matter where you are from, the first step you will have to make is to complete the online application form that you can easily find on the Institute’s web page. The application is quite simple and easily understandable, so most of the applicants should fill it with ease.

The Institute will require your personal data (name, surname, phone number, address, etc.) as well as some information about the high school and college that you have previously graduated from. You will also be asked to select the program you are interested in, to select a preferred start term and some informative questions about your preferences, interests, acquired knowledge, and future plans and expectations.

At the end of the form, you will be asked to enter your credit card number and pay $100 which is the standard cost of the application fee.

Applying as an International Student

The previously mentioned application contains a special section meant for the people who are not U.S. residents. If you are one of them, you will have to answer some questions about your birth country and about your visa. You will also be asked to upload the copy of your visa to the portal. Apart from that, they will also require some information about your English skills and existing certificates (TOEFL, IELTS, and PTEA).

General Requirements for Applying

In order to apply for a prestigious college, you must meet the college criteria and requirements. Musicians Institute are well known for their high acceptance rate and reasonable requirements but we decided to list them here so you could know exactly what they will be expecting from you.

  • Applicants must be US citizens / have a valid F-1 visa (only for international students)
  • Applicants must meet the specific program requirements that can be found in the Institute’s brochure on the website (letters of recommendation, essays, audio recordings of your instrument and voice, etc.).
  • Official High School Record or a Transcript must be provided by the applicant’s school or a credential service company.
  • It is recommended to submit high school diploma, completion of college preparatory program, recommendations, admission test scores, English test results, and certificates, depending on the fact if you are a domestic or international applicant.
  • The Institute requires all the applicants to submit a formal demonstration of competences.

All the documents along with the photo ID should be emailed to the address you can find on the Institution’s web page.

In case you have financial problems and you find it difficult to pay the tuition and all the fees, you should know that all the applicants have the opportunity to apply for financial aid and scholarship in accordance with the terms and conditions presented on the previously mentioned webpage.

To conclude, Musicians Institute is one of the best music colleges in the world. It offers to its students the opportunity to develop and improve their creativity and knowledge, along with the chance of employment and this is why we simply must recommend it to all the young musicians.

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