How Newly Qualified Drivers can Better Drive

How Newly Qualified Drivers can Better Drive

After successfully passing your Driving Lessons Athlone, now you will go through with many opportunities, but still, you need to stay safe.

Somehow, we have seen that many new drivers are in a rush when it’s their time to drive a vehicle legally. But instead of taking care and safety tips, they drive unnecessarily, which might put them in a dangerous situation.

So, here we provide you with new safety codes for those new drivers who just passed out their driving test and their Driving Instructors Roscommon hand-over them passing certificate now.

Tips for Newly Qualified Drivers for A Better Driving


Just passing your driving test doesn’t mean that you are a professional, you still need to be careful while starting out your driving. Though you still need to enhance your driving skills frequently, try not to avoid road user’s behavior.

According to researcher providers, there would be 45 new drivers out of 100 have unusual kind of collision just in the first year of their driving. So, that’s why the providers of Driving Lessons Athlone advise to improve you get over the first 12 months after passing your driving test.

Avoid driving at midnight, unnecessary. Many collisions happened in between late-night and 6 am.

Though, if you have passengers with you, they would be your responsibility. Don’t allow anyone to distract you while you are driving or even encourage you for taking such risks and all.

  •           Avoid driving, if you have taken any drug or alcohol.
  •           Making sure that you and everyone in the car wearing seatbelts properly.
  •           Do not ever go over the speed limit, not even in empty roads.
  •           You are still new to driving, so never cross the path beyond your limits.

As a new driver, you need to keep your license and related documents with you every time you are out for a drive.

As according to the Driving Instructors Roscommon, newly qualified drivers faced collisions and don’t have their documents for further process. Carry your important documents with you, in case of any sudden emergency.


Don’t use your phone or other gadgets while driving. You need to put all concentration on driving to further better your driving skills. If you find an emergency, then stop the car and listen to the phone.

According to the latest road accident’s reports: 80% of accidents out of 100 is caused due to the use of mobile phones while driving. So, it’s better not to use your phone unnecessary.

Final Words:

If you want to do better at driving, then always stay humble while driving. Don’t flash up the light to the front user, unnecessary. Keep following the user’s behavior and avoid distractions.

However, if you have any experience related to your first driving, then do share with us in the comment section below and help others to advise them as well.

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