In today’s world, there is a constant improvement in the technology available to us. Having the option of platforms on which businesses can develop their mobile app is a great advantage. Smartphones now represent the highest source of web traffic. The transactions that occur on smartphones keep increasing and this is the main reason why business must consider iOS app development.

Create iOS applications

After what was mentioned above, you should have a little idea of the benefits of creating a mobile application. Despite this, there are platforms that give us more benefits than others when creating them. An example of this is the app created with the iOS operating system. Next, we will give you a list of the main benefits of creating iOS apps.

• Longer time in the market: Although it seems incredible, iOS has more time in the market than the great Google platform, Android. That is an advantage when it comes to programming because, having more time in the market, their frameworks and APIs have been able to evolve and adapt more to the current demand.

• Most expensive apps: Most mobile applications on Android are free but they are also riddled with advertising. If you do not want to see the banners, you will have to pay for the application in question. In iOS, unlike Android and other platforms, the applications are paid.

• No fragmentation: In iOS, you will only create applications for one type of device, the iPhone. They can always program with the latest software update available without the concern of whether the application will be supported with that version. Perhaps this is the most relevant difference or benefit of iOS programming compared to other platforms.

• Best development software: For developers, developing on Android is cheaper since it is open source and do not need specific equipment for it. As we said before, in iOS there is no fragmentation of devices and the tools work better.

Driving sales with iOS apps

Technological progress does not stand still and every year, we see innovations and improvements in the proposed technologies. These innovations are especially felt by entrepreneurs because it is important to keep up with the times in view of competitive activity.

Gradually, sales are going online. But a good number of consumers still prefer to make purchases not only online, but also in ordinary stores. The share of such buyers is really great. However, before going to the offline store, people most often look for information using their phones: they select a product, look at its availability and store geodata (plus if there are several branches in the offline point, then potential buyers look at the available goods in the right store for them).

In 2018, there were a lot of mobile inquiries: more than 75% of shoppers who visited stores during this period first searched for information on the Internet.

In addition to the above information, buyers additionally searched for: shopping ideas, similar/recommended products, product comparison, the most suitable products for key queries.

Shopping Ideas

When people do not have a clear understanding of what they want, or rather what product they need, they go for ideas on the Internet. The number of search queries on brands from smartphones is only growing every year. For your iOS apps, you should contact app developers.

The route to the store

Before shopping in an offline store, more than 55% of buyers already looked for information about it: the availability of goods, familiarization with the characteristics of the desired product, reviews of the store, the route to the store. That is, more than half of your consumers are pre-“acquainted” with the store and product. This is a very good argument in favor of developing an iOS application. Moreover, over the past two years, the number of searches for goods nearby has increased by 150%. From smartphones, people are looking for information about the work of stores, waiting times, contacts, etc. And they do not always find it: 40% of shoppers want stores to give more accurate information about the availability of goods.

The most suitable products

Now, people have a shortage of free time, so they want to make a choice in advance: what will suit them, at what price and where to buy it. Many are attracted by profitable and promotional offers: more than 40% of consumers who were searching for information from smartphones during the holiday season were interested in promotions and discounts. Almost 50% of consumers consider it a good idea to look for great deals from smartphones right in the stores, and 50% said that they watch online video and product reviews.

Nowadays, distributing flyers near your store is no longer working, everything gradually, but very purposefully goes online. People are used to the fact that they can find everything they need remotely. This is a very good motivation to create your own iOS mobile application and increase profits. Perhaps, the first buyer will come to your offline point and purchase the product, but after the first purchase, he will already have an opinion about the store/brand and, perhaps, the second or third purchase he will make it online. For your iOS apps, you should contact mobile app development companies.