How Intelligence is Helping Meetings and Event Companies to Make Smarter Decisions

Events industry

The global event planning market is expected to touch the 15 billion dollar mark by the year 2022. Software engineers have taken steps in refining the software being employed for making business proceedings much faster and more efficient. These include using powerful onsite applications, extremely inclusive event management software, and multiple digital solutions to help combat challenges arising at the corporate workplace.

The real problem choosing the best-suited software from a plethora of available options. The Events industry and organizations are increasingly using intelligent digital tools to reduce the workload and maximize returns.

Intelligence in Your Meeting Room

Intelligent tools are used for voice transcription that nullifies the employer’s job of noting down the minutes of the meeting. Tools like Capio, Deepgram, Mindmeld, and TalkIQ help in various heterogeneous tasks like transcribing the insights out of audio phone calls, or audio-visual video calls and even pre-recorded audio-visual videos.

TalkIQ is another tool that is gaining popularity among corporate giants and data miners as it is able to decipher critical insights from customer conversations. Artificially Intelligent tool Paxata is a useful tool employed to transform raw data into usable information that can be of future help for the company in achieving pre-set goals and aims.

Other Business Intelligence (BI) software solutions help companies achieve accuracy, comprehensiveness, timeliness, and clarity. All businesses deal with large sets of data of various types (structured, unstructured, or loosely structured). Reading such data and coming up with accurate calculations that ensure profitable for the company is done swiftly and with accuracy.

Comprehensiveness is achieved with software like Notion and Robby that help in structuring e-calendars and planners as well as handling email overload by auto-replying emails according to an order of priority. When talking about Business Intelligence, tools make the available information strategic, tactical, and operational.

You can create e-notes, digital agendas and even forecast the results that stream from real-time discussed agendas inside a meeting room. Software like Granicus and Cortana are multi-media tools that can help hard-working employees improve meeting-room performance. Apart from this, easy and fluent assigning of tasks can be done using Granicus.

This can be done according to the pre-set organizational hierarchy of the employees and their area-specific responsibilities. The benefits of the software are in the fact that the reports and the minutes can be accessed by the entire work network – even by those who are not present in the meeting.

Need for Intelligence for Event Companies

Considering the rapidly growing technological intelligence, the event industry is only expected to grow further in the coming years. The events industry is likewise no longer limited to only devising on-paper creatives and plans, organizations are taking a step further by using event planning software for planning and resource collection.

There are software solutions that help in quicker and more efficient online registration, booking of tickets, email marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization and provide other promises such as free tickets, free vouchers, etc. The quicker these processes get, the better Return On Investment is ensured for the event.

For planning events that are memorable, maximize networking experiences and facilitate the spreading of the word, powerful planning tools are required. Applying this software can be beneficial for executive, corporate, private, or school events.

How Event Planning Software Helps in Event Planning

According to Julius Solaris – a veteran event planner, events have become rather complex and layered these days, and need more thorough and thought out Public Relations and Advertising strategies.

Additionally, because of globalized access to technology, the risk of data breaches and unethical hacking is more likely to happen on event management websites. She adds on by saying that the event planning software can prevent the challenges that event planners face by foreseeing the possible outcomes of the planned actions.

For instance, while planning a B2B (Business To Business) event with multiple attendees, general planning set up is an imperative process and can be handled using matchmaking tools for organizing meetings between guests.

Event intelligence has the ability to empower execution with a foolproof plan that is based on strategic and smart decisions. Only a technological tool can help event planners with such tactical planning.

By trying the following steps, you can pursue strategic event management :

  • Filter out top-priority guests that have real value to add
  • Design a comprehensive marketing campaign to attract valuable guests and media
  • Make sure there is synergy between the guests and the organizers
  • Gather the list of attendees, speakers, and the number of meetings, post-event business, and opportunities.

The cloud-format of the software used by event planners and inside the meeting rooms of corporate hubs makes it easy for all stakeholders to get full access to updated information and at the same time actively participate in the process.

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