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How Industrial Sectors are Getting Influenced with HR Technology


The large portion of the business is consisting of industries which are producing many products in the diversified product line. There is a Human Resource team which has to deal with the workforce which is working for the company and their satisfaction counts a lot for the HR to retain talent. The employees who are housed by the industry can be allocated to the variety of roles and responsibilities which have a different level of requirements.

Human resource team is having the duty in an organization to carry out all the fundamental tasks which are required to hire and maintain talents. This process is a bit complicated when we talk about managing such a large pool of employees through manual management. The HR tasks when carried out by the human resource team consumes a lot of time and effort which intends to make the strategic future planning suffers.

With the responsibility to manage the hiring, onboarding, payroll-process, attendance and performance of all the employee’s HR can easily miss the future planning with the higher level management for contributing in the bright future of the company. It has to make a hierarchy in the system which will ease the workflow of the organization to formulate a smooth running of accountability and management like a waterfall in the company.

In competing with modernized companies it will have a whole lot of trouble for the HR to cope up with the manual system. Implementing an automation solution will craft the HR to have an atmosphere which will experience growth and integrity with productive. There have been prevalent usage of the HR which is needed for the upliftment of the employees. Cloud-based HR Software will help your company accurately to manage all the HR activities.

The absence of an HR Software will lead the organization to invite many blunders which will eventually have a negative impact in the form of decreased productivity and hefty losses.

Intelligent Rooster

In industries, it is natural for the business to have 24 hours around the clock working shifts. These shifts might be bound to policies which emphasize their function on having a cycle of a rooster which will be handled by the system and the respective employees will get notified for the same. This intelligent system will eradicate all the problems which were aced by the manual rostering of the employees.

Previously the organizing and scheduling of the employee staff were having many frauds and biased decision which I audited can result in the presence of manipulated entries. To fight with this unjust rostering, automated HR Software got its trend. The rooster is integrated with the payroll from which the solution can trigger the privileged amount of the shift which is worked by the employee.

Advance Integrated Attendance

Have you ever had a thought regarding the management of the workforce’s attendance before the revolution of HR Software? There were many loopholes in the system which made the system biased and prone to proxy attendance as there was a manual register to maintain the data. When it was required for the HR to process the payroll they have to calculate the employees days on which they were present and this consumes a lot of time. There has been an advance security enforcement of biometric integration which only accepts the attendance punch done by the respective person.

These biometric can be of face, thumb or retina verification which is used according to the level of security which is required. The workforce has to punch their attendance with their thumb impression and this abolished the proxy entry. hr software facilitates the organization with an integrated attendance system which will pass on the data to payroll processing and this will no longer require manual human intervention.

ESS portal for all – HR Software India

When referencing the industrial sector, if you ever had a chance to have a glance in their premises you will be observing tonnes of employees who are working hard to earn their bread and on top of management where the HR are functional have a drastic problem when inhabiting the concerns to solve the workforce’s queries. There are thousands of employees who have many HR activities to be solved by the human resource team and if this is to be done manually it will take a prolonged period.

HR Software is featured with an employee self-service portal from which all the basic application, salary details and automated assistance regarding HR activities can be easily availed by the workforce. AI-based chatbots are always available in the native language to have support around the clock which can easily be understood by the work-force.


Shy Lee is an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at factoHR , a India based hr and payroll software solution providers. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development