How Cloud Technology is Changing Supply Chain Management

Cloud Technology is Changing Supply

It was not quite long ago when supply chain management came into existence as a vital discipline. Since then, it has brought a plethora of transformation in numerous business processes. From raw material procurement to customer delivery, supply chain managers juggle with a multitude of responsibilities at the same time. Therefore, this role has emerged to be a multi-faceted one on another level.

This essential part of the business realm is going an aggressive phase of change as a result of the inception of Big Data and cloud technology. There is a myriad of processes under the umbrella of supply chain management. Though some have been evolving and improving for many years now, others have just begun to see the light of day. Either way, from the smallest to the biggest processes of this field, are now revolving around Cloud Computing Technology.

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Like every other industry and profession, supply chain management welcomes automation in the most incredible fashion. A few years ago, automated systems and processes were only available to the biggest and richest of corporations and were not approachable to smaller organizations, especially startups, that had to depend on manual techniques for data collection.

However, in the 21ts century, with technology progressing every second of the day, all companies are on a level playing field when it comes to adopting cloud computing technology. It is not unimaginable for even smaller firms to afford hardware and software, there more and more businesses today are embracing automation in order to tackle with data collection along with many other elements of the supply chain.


Employees in multiple companies utilize cloud technology for collaborating in larger numbers than before. From data sharing to performing profound research with members of the same team residing in different parts of the planet, the cloud technology is giving rise to new leaders along with building up solid partnerships.


Modern cloud technology and its servers can be scaled for meeting the changing demands relating to data storage as well as processing. Contemporary hard drives together with processors experience a gush of refinements and enhancements in the ’90s and the beginning of the 21st century. Though this speed has slowed down, technology shall continue to upgrade as time passes by.


Cloud computing technology also lets you access systems from almost everywhere in the world. So, it is possible for employees to view as well as observe data in real time, connect with teammates and supervisors, and also be a part of video conference calls.

In many cases, cloud computing technology may even assist disabled employees in completing their work efficaciously as well as comfortably.


Mostly supply chain managers operate from the front lines of the organization, while, senior officials are not aware of areas, such as raw material procurement and inventory levels. Cloud technology makes it convenient for executive-level employees to gain access to data.

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