Here we are going to talk about one of the Highest Paying URL Shortener Websites that are out there. If you have a website or a blog, you too can sign up on and become part of a huge community of people who are already taking advantage of the opportunity presented by this website both monetarily and technically. The way it works is that once you have signed up with them, you can then take the long URLs on your website or blog and use the services of to convert them into short URLs. So, each of the long URLs on your page can now have a shorter URL, which makes it easy to pass them around on messaging apps and on social media posts.

The shortening service has the job of remembering who the short URL belongs to and what the actual destination URL for it is. When the users click on any of the short URLs, which you have now put in place of the longer URLs on your website or blog, they are shown a short 10 second (or less) ad and then moved along to the destination. You make your money irrespective of whether the users decide to click on the ad or not. Another advantage that you get out of using a URL shortening service is the tracking ability. They also give you a dashboard where you can track the performance of each of your short links. This can give you very interesting insights into the traffic patterns on your website and fine tune some things the way you would like to give your users a better experience or make more money.

They have various forms of payments, almost all of the popular ones, so no matter where you are at, there will be a way of you getting paid. Their payout rates are also very high, as high as $25 per 1000 clicks, which is really high for the industry. This rate depends on the country the clicks are coming from. Marketers tend to pay more for the clicks that originate from the countries they primarily target, so a click from the USA is worth a lot more than a click from Nepal, for example. They also have a very awesome referral program. You keep getting 20% of all the earnings your referrals make for the entire lifetime. Now, that can accumulate into some serious cash.