iPhones are quite the buzz for everyone and owning one is no small feat. But these phones are not as strong as they seem to be and quite honestly, iPhone screen repair is difficult to get hold of. There are several issues that make finding one really hard. For one, many places do not actually use genuine parts for repair which results in a decreased smartphone life and wastage of money. Care must be taken while handling these phones as even a small drop from a considerable distance can lead to iPhone screen falling apart.

Many alternatives to visiting the authorized store are available but beware, as these may result in exhaustion of your iPhone warranty or other advantages that the company might have on offer.

We have mentioned a couple of common situations in order for you to find the perfect solution if your iPhone screen has broken. 

1. Screen damage – in warranty

Apple treats the warranty as exhausted if you get your phone fixed from any outside unauthorized person. Also, one noteworthy fact is that authorized iPhone stores do not send your phone out to fix as they have in-house capability for the same. So, you can be assured of faster turnaround time. If your iPhone is under the warranty period, try taking it to the store first and see what can be done. Under normal cases, this issue is fixed without any hassles.

2. Screen damage – insurance

If you have an iPhone insurance from Apple or any trustworthy brand then make sure to put that to use so that you don’t have to pay extra money for the service. Many insurance companies also offer a free one-time screen replacement service at minimal costs. Remember to check all the terms and conditions of the insurance to have a smooth experience.

3. Screen damage – out of warranty

If your iPhone screen damage has been done out of the warranty period then it is better to get your iPhone screen repair in Bangalore from a trusted source which can assure a genuine part service at normal rates.

Just make sure that the engineer you hand over your phone to, has experience in the field and can repair your iPhone without doing any additional damage, as in most cases, repairing phone from unauthorized service centers can result in aggravating the damage.

These are some of the situations people often encounter when they face issues regarding screen damage. It is better to take care of your iPhone rather than regretting taking it to the wrong service center. Mobile cases and screen guards often serve as an additional layer to protect your iPhone from external damages. For more information about iPhone service and repairs, visit Gadget and find out more about our services in detail.