Here Is How You Can Make Your Twitch Overlay More Useful

Here Is How You Can Make Your Twitch Overlay More Useful

This is a brief guide on what you can include in your twitch overlay to make it more effective and useful. Remember that every twitch stream has its own specific requirements. You too can amend this method a little to make you very own customized twitch overlay. Twitch has recently grown as a huge online platform for streamers, and millions of people watch different types of streams on a daily basis. A platform with this much traffic can definitely attract you to launch your own stream.

Maybe you want to stream the game you live playing for hours straight, so, why not make money playing the same game? It sounds like a cool thing, right? But a common problem that most the people face is that they can’t make their streams look different and unique from the others.

This is where twitch overlays come in. A twitch overlay is basically a layer of graphics that lays over your main twitch stream. You can use the twitch overlay to display information like you’re your sponsors, donations, subscriber count, recent events and other customized elements that make your channel stand out from the rest.

Here are some of the best practices that’d help your twitch overlay not suck.

Choose A Focus

Choosing a focus of your stream should be your top priority even before choosing a twitch overlay for your channel. By “focus”, we mean that some of the elements need to be highlighted to fulfill the primary purpose of your twitch channel. Entertainment channels on twitch usually have their webcam enlarged, while competitive gameplay channels focus more on the actual stream and minimize the webcam.

This is where a lot of people get stuck. But a general rule of thumb is that you can select the top twitch streamers that stream the same game as you, look for the best things on their twitch overlays and combine them into one to make the best twitch overlay for your channel. Remember to always add your own touch to the overlay to make like look different.

Keep The Ratios Balanced

While going for the generic designs won’t do you any good at all, overdoing the editing and not balancing the ratios properly can also damage the quality of your twitch stream. So, always try and keep them all the elements in your twitch stream well balanced to make the stream efficient and useful. Also, you don’t always have to go with the design of your twitch overlay as this can prove to be counterproductive, you can also change the overlay a bit to match your needed ratio.

Everything Should Match The Theme

Just like a perfect painting that has all the colors perfectly matched and well balanced, you should try to make a color combination in your logo, covers, stream overlay and everything else that you use on your social media platforms. Visually appealing graphics are easier to remember for your subscribers and viewers.

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