best restaurants in Bandra

Here are The Restaurants That Should be in Your Must-visit List


Bandra provides a hub of eatery ranging from cafés to bistros. This plethora of choices not only create a vast opportunity for the patron of the food but also overwhelming decision making. This list provides a diverse palate giving you the Best Restaurant Ideas to help you reach your decision instantly and grasp the perfect gastronomic cuisine you deserve.



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Hakkasan gives a subtlety that has been precisely made to satisfy their visitor, they are met with unobtrusive lighting and delicate aromas. Hakkasan is acclaimed for its modern offering of Cantonese cooking, appetizing Chinese cuisine, broad vegetarian dishes and furthermore its signature dishes. Everything about Hakkasan is audaciously stunning, from there ambiance to their décor and most prominently their dishes are a form of art not just rich in taste but to cater to every sense possible making it among the best restaurants in Bandra.



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Here, culinary experts Kelvin Cheung and Boo Kwang Kim give basic fish dishes a cutting-edge twist by including a considerable measurement of greens to them. Bastian is eatery for genuine devotees of seafood dishes. The stylistic layout of the eatery takes after the nautical theme driving a specific climate to the eatery demonstrating no double-dealing on what they rule over. While the eatery will include an equivalent measure of vegetarian passage on the menu, the seafood is the star.

Masala Library


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Masala Library is an innovation served by Jiggs Kalra with decades of research and investigation surveying over different Indian kitchens leading to being among the best restaurants in Bandra. The mind-boggling spicing and exact cooking lead to contemporary works of art that brag of layers of differentiating flavours and surfaces. Masala Library blends the traditional Indian cuisine with the modern diversity of its patron’s palate. Masala library is the hub for Indian cuisine served with artistic décor.

Pali Village Cafe


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Pali Village Cafe is an ideal place to appreciate gourmet pizzas and exemplary wines. The menu is European, with a decent range of breakfast, appetizer snacks, and dessert. You can also unwind yourself by ambiance the restaurant provides enjoying a relaxed atmosphere thinking of nothing but the food you will sure to enjoy. A Novel, bi-level bistro exhibiting European cooking and wine in an in vogue, rural setting.

Saltwater Café


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Saltwater Café is among the best restaurants in Bandra that cater to every whim of their patron’s cuisine. Their appetizing menu holds a long and diverse assortment of breakfast, along with obliging to the flavours of their sweet tooth patrons in addition to their delectable cuisine accommodating for those with simple precise taste to the ones for whom eating can be an exploration of adventure. The bar is outfitted with a portion of the best spirits and wines in the nation suggesting from the wine drinkers to the whiskey sippers. The beverages menu has been intended to splendidly supplement the food.

However, in the meantime, it takes into account the non-drinkers with a portion of the best espressos and non-mixed drinks. Though, they don’t stop there, Saltwater Café