GoPro Hero 7 Black Review

GoPro Hero 7 Black Review


Here take with the new GoPro Hero 7 Black and I have got a lot of things that are new about the new Hero 7 Black. A lot of under the covers, under the hood technical cool stuff. I am going to tell you about the good and the bad about some of the new features on the hero 7 black. Now obviously it is actually black so unlike the hero 6 black and five black and all the other hero blacks were not actually black but this one is legit black.

Also as a freebie it says hero 7 black on the outer shell of the frame as well as on the unit itself which is something and again in the past, we had like tiny little letters but now you know it is 7 black.

Let’s just run into the new features on this thing (GoPro Hero 7 Black).

Hyper Smooth

What that is basically taking their existing stabilization and clicking it up a notch now GoPro calls it like gimbal and that is probably pushing a little bit but it is a  heck of a lot better so you can see side by side. Things are looking a lot better on the 7 black if compared to the previous versions again not gimbal-like but a lot better. You can get a great discount on electronic devices using Flipkart Offers.

4K/60 Stabilisation

This is the ability to stabilize 4K 60 footage, so in past, you were able to push it up to 4K 30 which was fine for most people when you get action sports so you want the additional frame rates if you can. This hyper smooth thing gets into how they are doing it. So they have loaded an extra gig of RAM into the hero 7 black and with that, they are trying to do predictive scene analysis.

The device figures out where you are going next with the help of the accelerometer and GPS which tries and go ahead and crutch for that somewhat in advance versus in the past they were saying it would not have made it all kind of retroactivity so as you hit that bumper retroactively and it seems to make a difference.

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Stabilization Options

there are secretly three stabilization options and this won’t be super obvious because what it is going to do is automatically choose the best one so the number one is effectively the hyper smooth that is you know going to go ahead and compensate for things in advance and that is all great and dandy.

Number two is the existing electronic image stabilization they have been doing in the past and that has not been bad and the reason why you have that is there are some resolution modes, some of the 4 by 3 modes in particular that do not support the new hyper smooth modes so that is something to keep in mind.

And then in the third mode is off so for some reason you do not want stabilization on or it is conflicting with something else then you go and simply turn that off.

Time Warp [Hyper Lapse]

What it does is that takes basically kind of the whole time-lapse idea of the past and stabilizes it and makes it super smooth. So if we looked at the way GoPro did time-lapse, videos or photos in the past they were simply just photos so if you actually watched a screen on a GoPro hero.

Anything before this from a tum I put a video standpoint it was just taking photos at certain intervals so the problem with that is if you are walking down the street then you camera will tilt a little bit and that is really noticeable when you piece those together in a time-lapse video because there is no stabilization applied.

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New User Interface

Back of the screen, it is a totally changed interface. It is a whole different face, it looks a lot better. It is a lot easier to use. GoPro said what they are trying to do is simplify some of the modes so people don’t get lost in some of the options and I think they have accomplished that. Things are basically kind of like three core options.

You have video, photos and time-lapse. Within that, you can access all the modes and all the past stuff you have had but they are just displayed a little bit easier. Additionally, if you are looking for software engineer jobs then it could be the best chance to try it

Portrait Mode

it allows you to take a GoPro orientation sideways and shoot portrait-style video just like you might shoot on your phone or for apps like Instagram or Snapchat it is all now oriented vertically and now as part of that you will see the menu on the front changes to vertical and menu on the back changes to the vertical position as well.

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