Data Stealing Apps On Google Play Store

Google play store removes 85 apps, Why?


Was your android phone safe? If you were habitual from these google apps. Recently Google has moved forward for a big step to make your android phone safer by removing these below 85 dangerous apps. According to Trend Micro research report:

After influencing Trend Micro research report forcibly Google has taken out one step to remove these 85 malicious android apps considering android security reason, data stealing, hacking. The purpose of taking this hard step by Google to keep our electronic gadgets safer also, Google said by Trend Micro report these were also responsible for slowing down to our playing gadgets.

85 dangerous apps come categories


  • In the list of Trend Micro report, these apps were available in the firms of game, TV and remote control simulator apps.
  • Over nine million times from the play store these 85 dangerous apps have been downloaded.


  • In the list of fake apps, Google said that these apps were accountable for showing different types of unnatural ads, which behavior was not fitting to our social security.
  • Moreover, these malware apps were liable for haggard behavior such as for the crashing android phone, data-stealing, hacking.
  • The purpose of designing and developing these apps just for outsourcing income by doing unethical activities.
  • These apps were accountable for well-played mind dilute game and were forcing to change our set action.

So now finally Google moved back from these 85 dangerous apps from Google play store, is now no more existing on the android play store for several issues, Which were in various main categories such as in the form of game, TV, and remote control simulation apps.

Trend Micro is the Japanese companies accountable for security research, Which first reported this issue and helped play store to leave longers and keep safer. Trend Micro reported that these apps were capable of displaying full-screen ads, hiding, and for a test worst behavior “monitoring a devices’ screen unlocking functionality”.

As users might have heard about GDPR (General protection Protection Regulations) Is adopted on 14 April 2016 under trial and finally, it rolled out on 25 May 2018 by European.  Meanwhile now GDPR has overtaken by all over the nation and helped to protect data security.

Trend Micro has not mentioned the GDPR in own research report while preparing it. But many more data security researchers have chanted more on it. Others security experts said that in own Trend Micro report GDPR has been considered and has followed by the regulations, which security company has prepared a report, but the dilemma here those data security experts are not so sure on own comment.

Moving back to the main topic, Theses apps have been downloaded over the nine million times from google play store.  Among 85 dangerous apps, a single app has been downloaded over the 5 million times alone, Which name is “Easy Universal TV Remote”. These apps come under the categories of adware apps.

So why these android apps have been proved as dangerous and not healthy fit to your electronic devices. Once downloaded and launched, these apps suddenly pop up a full-screen ad asking you repeatedly to press various buttons to continue. After certain activity again different ad appears and asked you to repeat the same things till apps don’t crash.

In below I have shared you the list for Google play store removes 85 dangerous apps, Let’s check it.

List of Google play store removes 85 dangerous apps

SPORT TV — Prado Parking Simulator 3D — TV WORLD — City Extremepolis 100 — American Muscle Car — Idle Drift — Offroad Extreme — Remote Control — Moto Racing — TV Remote — A/C Remote — Bus Driver — Trump Stickers — Love Stickers — TV EN ESPAÑOL — Christmas Stickers — Parking Game — TV EN ESPAÑOL — TV IN SPANISH — Brasil TV — Nigeria TV — WORLD TV — Drift Car Racing Driving — BRASIL TV — Golden — TV IN ENGLISH — Racing in Car 3D Game — Mustang Monster Truck Stunts — TDT España — Brasil TV — Challenge Car Stunts Game — Prado Car — UK TV — POLSKA TV — Universal TV Remote — Bus Simulator Pro — Photo Editor Collage 1 — Spanish TV — Kisses — Prado Parking City — SPORT TV — Pirate Story — Extreme Trucks — Canais de TV do Brasil — Prado Car 10 — TV SPANISH — Canada TV Channels 1 — Prado Parking — 3D Racing — TV — USA TV 50,000 — GA Player — Real Drone Simulator — PORTUGAL TV — SPORT TV 1 — SOUTH AFRICA TV — 3d Monster Truck — ITALIA TV — Vietnam TV — Movies Stickers — Police Chase — South Africa TV — Garage Door Remote — Racing Car 3D — TV — TV Colombia — Racing Car 3D Game — World Tv — FRANCE TV — Hearts — TV of the World — WORLD TV — ESPAÑA TV — TV IN ENGLISH — TV World Channel — Televisão do Brasil — CHILE TV.

Wrap Up

Above all mentioned information I have taken out from the various trusted print media article and digital media, which recently has appears into the living society. I must inform you that this blog post crawling more surrounding the Trend Micro report, which is the Japanese security company responsible for intimating us with such unnatural not fitting unhealthy stuff.

The motive of composing this article to make you aware and trying to keep away from such bad things. In case of having any article related dought must connect with below appeared comment box sections that can get the proper answer.

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