According to the UN estimate, there is a population of 1.4 billion in China. The large number of Chinese citizens is to consider the opportunity to invest in the country. The best way to enter a brand in this emerging market is through digital marketing and digitalization.

Digital use in china

Digitalization is the process of converting data into a digital format, which is allowed to execute through electronic such as computer, cellular phone or tablets. It is the key to opening Chinese doors, which are probably the most connected users in the world. The country’s internet industry has risen significantly.

In the last five years, China has experienced rapid change in Chinese usage and technology viewing methods. According to the Internet Society’s Internet Industry report, the country is more than 770 million Internet users. Of these 97.5 percent of the mobile internet users are included. The report also indicates that by the end of 2017 the total payment users reached 531 million. It was 11.9 percent a year ago, with an online shopping reaching 7.2 trillion RMB transactions volume. This country is a massive online market with more than 4 million websites, world’s largest wide 4G network and local platform.

Looks like this, foreign brands are struggling to understand this market. This is because they are not the main element of local skills. Chinese market is nothing like the rest of the world. Their culture and previous position about foreign influence have made aerial and special needs from the brands. This market can only be integrated into your brand by integrating your brand. It is important that the brand adjust the local flavor and preferences.

A digital platform in china

Thus, foreign enterprises have to make Chinese customers more attractive to their customers through a notable digital strategy.

SEO on search engine (optional search engine)

A brand presence on search engines is very important. SEO is a long-term strategy to improve the performance of a company. An important element of SEO campaign, search and custom keywords, is often the goal to be at the top of this list. In order to find goods and services, you need to find keywords in your keyword (in Madrid), which will take them to your website. Traffic type also matters to you, only one traffic that is counted comes from potential clients.

Website development

Language and shape in China is very important. The web site needs to be adapted according to local aerial preferences and all the content must be available in mainland. It is advised to access locally as well as high speed accessibility and SEO (search engine optimization). Bedro will not rank other websites or websites of websites that are not in China. In local time, customer care, and must be able to handle the arrival of Madrid in Madrid.

social media

WeChat and Weibo are two big players in this industry. They are contrary and incredible to any existing platform outside of China. WeChat is both communication and shopping tool. Additionally, mobile payment apps have become an integral part of their lifestyle, such as VAT Pay (like PayPal, but much more). Platform not only serves consumers for goods, services and bills, but also allows flights, hotels and train tickets. Wave allows users to set up with the latest news, communicate with the key (key effects leader) and keep tabs to wear, eat, and read their favorite celebrities. Both White and Wave are great tools to distinguish between foreign brands and China’s users, which allows conversations and updates on the latest offer.

Italy is one of the world’s leading companies in the supply of development services for the automotive industry. They provide services for new vehicles and industrial products, evaluation strategies, engineering, prototype manufacturers, testing and development.

Spend your phone up to 3 hours on your phone to browse China, Web, Communication, and Shopping. For foreign brands, it is necessary to take full advantage of it, via the list above platform as well as through many other platforms and available strategies. An online presence is necessary, but a positive reputation is also better. Say goodbye to traditional marketing tools because it’s a new technical era.

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