In this online world, it is imperative for all businesses, big or small to have an online presence. Going online necessitates the use of web servers to store and process information. The larger corporations can afford to have dedicated web servers exclusively for their businesses alone. It is not possible for small business companies to invest in such a vast infrastructure. Hence, many such small companies work on shared servers.

Under such circumstances, you need the services of application delivery controllers (ADC) to balance loads, do web acceleration, and perform the duties of application firewalls. Snapt is one such ADC available in the market. Let us see how Snapt pricing is suitable for small business corporations.

What is an ADC?

Before we discuss Snapt, we shall clarify the concept of ADC. In simple terms, an ADC is a computer network device present in a data center to help perform common tasks. The ADCs perform the role of web accelerators by removing the load from the web servers. They also provide the service of load balancing. Usually, one places the ADC in the DMZ, the area between the outer firewall and the web farm.

Snapt – The ADC Solution

Snapt is an ideal ADC for small business corporations that powers fast and secure delivery of business-critical applications on any device or platform including the cloud-based infrastructure.

What does Snapt provide?

  • Snapt is a total container-aware ADC solution that ensures high-performance Layer 7 application delivery.
  • It also has a reputation for being the widest feature set and the lowest cost per request load balancer.
  • Snapt provides continuous in-house support all around the year.
  • It conforms to all regulatory compliances.
  • It provides the uptime and is always available for critical services

Five reasons why Snapt is suitable for small businesses

Snapt Pricing is available in two categories, Standard and Enterprise. You can choose your plan depending on the size and requirements of your business.

Standard licenses have limitations in terms of active connections and upstreams. However, they include all products. These licenses are ideal for small business concerns and start-up industries. The advantage is that you can upgrade at any time to the Enterprise license.

Enterprise licenses are also available for all products in the way similar to that of the standard licenses, but there are no limits on the number of active connections or upstreams. Such licenses enjoy the highest level of support backed by a Service Level Agreement.


1. The Price Factor


The price advantage is the most significant one for using the Standard license of Snapt. The standard license comes at a price starting from $450, the lowest price in its segment. In comparison, the Enterprise package comes at a starting price of $2,900. That is nearly six times the pricing of the standard licenses.


2. Excellent services


Snapt is a developer of high-end solutions for application delivery. This ADC provides additional services like load balancing, caching, web acceleration, and security for critical services.

Snapt is a unique product in its segment in the sense that it has ideal packages to cater to small businesses. Snapt has an excellent record of flexibility, performance, and virtualization. It is compatible with DevOps, VM, containers, and cloud.  


3. Fantastic features


Snapt is a market leader as far as ADC for small businesses is concerned. It comes with plenty of features befitting the reputation for being the next-generation ADC for load balancing and application delivery.

Snapt is advantageous because it provides the perfect solution for leading-edge clients. It is ideal for those who value innovation to ensure continuous uptime and excellent performance of business-critical services.


4. Provides excellent support


Another advantage that Snapt has over its peers is that it provides 24 X 7 X 365 support to both its standard license and Enterprise license users. This unlimited support is available globally.

Enterprise license users have the additional benefit of entering into a Service Level Agreement with the company. Enterprise license users have one more benefit in the form of a minimum of ten hours of consultancy services.


5. Highly upgradable


Snapt understands that a business will grow continuously over a period. Hence, they come equipped with upgradeable software. The best aspect of this upgrading is that users need not have to pay the entire fee again. You can pay the difference amount and get the benefit of upgrading.

Another advantage for the Enterprise license users is that they include free redundancy whereas standard license users have to purchase a different license for this purpose.

Final words

Snapt is one of the leading ADCs available in the market. This product works with the best clients in the industry. The USP of Snapt is the all-round-the-year support and its attractive pricing policy. Small businesses cannot get a better deal than Snapt anywhere else.