Feng Shui Tips And Tricks Revealed For Good Career

Feng Shui Tips And Tricks

Many people are struggling with numerous professional problems. Some people are not able to find a job, others are not satisfied with their position, others are not able to cope with their duties. To change this state of affairs and get rid of any problems related to your career, you need to strengthen your career zone with the feng shui products for the career.

Feng Shui will improve your career zone

It is an ancient practice of space planning, thanks to which we can achieve harmony and harmony with the natural environment. Feng shui refers to various zones, including to career.

According to the Chinese masters, if we believe in our own strength, we are able to overcome all adversities and deal with any troubles. Some people find it hard to believe that a proper arrangement of space can affect a person and his life, although research proves that it actually works.

We strengthen our career sphere thanks to Feng Shui

The most important principle of feng shui is order. It should be known that the career zone is located in front of the entrance door to the apartment or house, it is important that this place attracts good energy.

Above all, there must be order in it. The cleanliness of the apartment is also transferred to the order in our head – if the room is a mess, we can not count on positive changes. Let us soak up the space that is responsible for the career zone, and our mind will purify itself and will be able to draw only positive energy.

It is said that people who have a mess in their head are not trustworthy and it is difficult to entrust them with responsible matters. It can translate into the attitude of the employer or co-workers to our person.

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What colour does the career zone have in Feng Shui?

According to the rules of feng shui, this area is dark blue, grey and black. These colours are associated with water, it is natural, and therefore good if they dominate in this zone. It is an interesting idea to put in this place a painting that depicts water.

It can be the ocean, the sea, the lake or the upset maybe, but the rushing river works best – it symbolizes the continuous development of the career. However, we can not exaggerate: some people think that if you can hang a painting that represents water, it will be even better when you place an aquarium, for example.

This is not a good decision because the aquarium is a symbol of wealth. It is also not advisable to hang mirrors in this area, because a continuous collision with your reflection adversely affects our soul.

Let’s focus on work

If we have a place, in addition to a picture depicting water, we can place there an object or photo that symbolizes the work, preferably the one we dream about.

In addition to putting all the diplomas or certificates that we have spent in our lives – the “wall of success” in the career zone will work very motivative on us, our psychological well-being will improve and increase our value.

Do not forget about other zones

The career sphere is just one of the zones that make up our lives, along with it must also interact with the sphere of fame, as well as the sphere of people who are friendly to us:

all these spheres are closely related and should not exist separately, the sphere of friendship is on the right side of the career sphere, while the sphere of fame is in front of it. The sphere of fame is red, while the sphere of friendship is characterized by grey and even steel.

So if we put objects in these colours near the sphere of our career, we can expect the same successes and harmony in our lives, having such knowledge, you can connect all spheres: in a place where your career zone and friendship zone meet, put a frame for a photo in a steel colour and place a picture of water in it.

Feng shui and work

In order to constantly strengthen the sphere of our career, we must also take care of our place of work, for this purpose it is worth applying some principles of feng shui.

Let’s start with the position in which we sit: we should not sit back to the entrance, because it encourages other people to “stick a symbolic knife in the back”, so it is best to sit facing the door.

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If our workplace is back to the window, it means no support. It may mean that we will be betrayed or abandoned by our colleagues.

Let’s also pay attention to the colours that dominate our room: if they are neutral, pastel means peace and harmony, while vivid, intense colours will cause us a feeling of discomfort. Many people have plants in the rooms in which they work.

It is important, however, to care for them properly, because they do not only serve as ornaments. Living vegetation supports your career, so you should take care of it regularly, watering and possibly undercutting or replanting. When the flowers begin to wither, it can mean that our career is not going in the direction we want.

According to the rules of feng shui, we should not work in complete silence or excessive noise. It should be centred on, including, for example, not too loud radio that will play in the background – it should not interfere with our thoughts, let go of the music while it should be alive enough to give us energy.